Mission critical mobile broadband

15 May 2018      13:30-16:30

Marc Balliet, Nokia; Philippe Agard, Nokia; Jason Johur, Ericsson

As broadband is on the agenda of most organisations running mission-critical communications services, this masterclass will provide an overview of latest advances on this topic. It will cover all the main aspects that should be considered by organisation willing to evolve toward mission-critical mobile broadband communications:

  • What are the new use cases that can be enabled by mobile broadband, and driving demand for it?
  • What are the spectrums that are/will be used for PPDR broadband networks?
  • What are the different business models to rollout Mission Critical Mobile Broadband networks?
  • What is the status of the standardisation of mission-critical features at the 3GPP?
  • What are the technological considerations for the broadband network infrastructure and for terminals?
  • How interoperability between mission-critical broadband and legacy networks can be achieved?
  • Beyond 4G-LTE, what will be the evolution toward 5G?

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