Protecting your critical communications

15 May 2018      09:30-12:30

Trevor Evans, Chairperson, TCCA Security and Fraud Prevention Group

The CCW Security Masterclass is hosted by TCCA Security and Fraud Prevention Group. The SFPG is a group of security experts involved in the design, manufacture, operation and use of secure radio for mission critical communications. Its membership, which includes manufacturers, users, operators and security authorities, provides a broad spectrum of knowledge across the areas of technical and operational communications security and information assurance.

The subject matter of the 2018 security masterclass this year reflects the ongoing interest resulting from the continuing deployment of TETRA networks around the world and the development of the 4G LTE standards to provide the functionality to meet the requirements of mission critical users.

The masterclass includes an item focussed upon TETRA network security including protection from cyberattacks, this will be of particular interest given the number of recent high-profile attacks on government and commercial networks.

The SFPG has also decided to invite a representative from BDBOS to provide an insight into the day to day management of the secure national TETRA network in Germany.

Thereafter the security mechanisms in both TETRA and LTE are explained highlighting the different approaches adopted by each technology.

However the effectiveness of security functionality may be reduced if the implementation is poor therefore the masterclass will provide information and guidance of areas to be considered by designers and manufacturers when seeking to produce secure equipment.

Finally with requirements for migration, either for a short period of migration or longer term, being on many peoples minds this masterclass will highlight issues and methodologies that may be considered to facilitate secure TETRA/LTE interoperability.

Introduction to masterclass


Trevor Evans, TCCA SFPG

Finding the right level of security to tackle modern cyberattacks


Gerald Reddig, Nokia Finland

Running a secure TETRA network


Michael Pilgermann, BDBOS Germany

MCX security mechanisms


David Chater-Lea, Motorola Solutions UK

Secure implementations in terminals


Graham Ison, Thales UK

Secure interoperability TETRA-LTE


Mark Rayne, Sepura UK

Security in multi-mode TETRA terminals


Mika Laitinen, Airbus Finland

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