BDBOS Tactical Day: how to manage large scale events


Dr Barbara Held, BDBOS

Free to Attend

On May, 15th the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) will be hosting the “BDBOS Tactical Day“ at the CCW 2018 in Berlin. This workshop targets the critical communication community in general but addresses especially end users and practitioners. Those who attend will enjoy interesting and first-hand reports on how to manage large scale events. The first part of the “BDBOS Tactical Day” will focus on International Experiences. Users, operators and experts will share their knowledge gathered in a variety of international mission critical events. In the afternoon during the second part of the Tactical Day Technical Solutions will be presented with emphasis on technical and tactical challenges faced when managing such large scale operations.




Andreas Gegenfurtner, President of the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

Hurricane Harvey: Leveraging mobility in large scale disaster response


Shing H. Lin, Chief Technology Officer at Harris County, Texas USA

Use of TETRA positioning during skiing events in Austria


Manfred Blaha, Brigadier-General, Ministry of Interior, Austria

The G20 Summit in Hamburg from a public safety digital radio point of view


Eva-Maria Eckmann, Head of Authorised Office and Deputy Head of Coordinating Office Hamburg, Germany

The 2017 UCI Road World Championships, Bergen Norway


Kjetil Hoiseth, Chief Engineer, Radio Network, The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

Experiences with the German Digital Radio at the Munich Security Conference (MSC)


Johann Skwara, Head of Authorised Office Bavaria, Germany

Experiences of long term power outage in North-East of Finland


Harri Virtanen, Head of Department, Customer Management and End User Support States Security Networks Group

International Worker’s Day in Berlin: Preparation, Execution and Post-Processing


Karsten Rückheim, Head of Authorised Office Berlin, Germany

More through put in the national TETRA network


Christine Reinemann, Division TI3 - Standardisation and Service Development, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

Real time monitoring: an overview


Oliver Funke, Division TI2 - Planning and Architecture, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany

Subscriber Management in Germany: Development Status and Capabilities


Michael Markwirth, Division TI1 - General Architecture, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Germany