StreamWIDE, a Paris-based communication software technology provider has joined the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA), the representative organisation for the worldwide critical communications community.

StreamWIDE specialises in carrier grade value-added services and mobile business process solutions for enterprise and operators, delivering on premise or cloud-based end-to-end mobile value-added services. The firm has five subsidiaries globally, more than 100 million end users on the StreamWIDE platforms and deployments in more than 70 countries, which enable enterprise and government digital transformation.

StreamWIDE’s product portfolio includes secure mobile communication and digitalisation solutions. The company also produces the Team on the Run and Team on Mission platforms for business and public safety process communications and team management.

“We became a member of the TCCA because we wanted to be part of the continued success of the industry and share our knowledge and learn from others within the organisation,” said Justyna Kotowska, global marketing manager for StreamWIDE Inc. “It is with pleasure that we join TCCA and look forward to being a member of a community dedicated to wireless communication in both the mission and business critical environments.“

The TCCA works to ensure the best possible mission- and business-critical services for end users. From ensuring the ongoing development of the TETRA standard to advancing the development of mission-critical broadband, TCCAand its more than 150 members enhance, protect, promote and progress critical communications worldwide. The TCCA is a 3GPP Market Representation Partner, a member of the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) initiative, and delivers the Critical Communications Events series.

“We are delighted to welcome StreamWIDE as a TCCA member,” said Tony Gray, the TCCA’s chief executive. “Ensuring the delivery of mission or business critical services to the required standard demands exacting levels of expertise and experience. Bringing the knowledge of StreamWIDE to the TCCA and our Members can only strengthen the critical communications ecosystem.”