Speakers 2018

Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI

Adrian Scrase played a central role in the creation of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and is responsible for the operations of the 3GPP project co-ordination group. He heads 3GPPs’ mobile competence centre (MCC) which is an International team of 20 experts who provide comprehensive support to the project.

He was also principally involved in the formation of the oneM2M partnership project and oversees ETSI’s support to that initiative.

He is CTO within ETSI with operational responsibility for all ETSI’s standards production activities. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications field, which includes 25 years of experience in standardisation.

Anders Karlsson, Tieto

Andreas Gegenfurtner, president of the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS)

Andreas Gegenfurtner was born on 30 June 1959 near Stuttgart. After acquiring his higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) in 1978, he joined the Baden-Württemberg police force. In 1987, he enrolled at the University of Applied Police Sciences of the Land of Baden-Württemberg where he obtained a degree in public administration in 1990.

From 1990 to 1996, Andreas Gegenfurtner served in various capacities with the Land Police Headquarters Stuttgart I. In 1996, he completed another study programme at the German Police University in Münster. Subsequently, he served as police commander at the Land Police Headquarters Tübingen. In 2004, Andreas Gegenfurtner joined the Ministry of the Interior of the Land of Baden-Württemberg, where he initially served as policy officer for telecommunications. In 2006, he was appointed general project manager for the introduction of public safety digital radio in the Land of Baden-Württemberg.

From 2007 until mid-2016, he served as Vice-President of the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS). On 21 June 2016, Andreas Gegenfurtner was appointed President of the BDBOS.

Andreas Wack, lieutenant colonel and project manager, German Armed Forces

Andreas Wack’s entered into service in 1983. He has been awarded the OSCE, KVM, BRANDENBURG, Flood 2002, KFOR and NATO medals during his time of service. He is currently the Project Manager “Cellular Networks” in the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, IT and In-Service Support.

Angelo Benvenuto, Security & Information Systems Division, Head of Strategic Marketing Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructures

Angelo Benvenuto holds a degree in electronics from University of Genoa, Italy where he graduated cum laude in 1985. He started his career in Marconi Italiana and worked with several companies earning an extensive and composite experience in Information and Communication Technology in a number of industry sectors ranging from transportation to services automation and manufacturing.

In 2003 he joined SELEX Communications, now become Leonardo, holding various positions in technical sales and marketing in both military and professional sector. Currently he is responsible of marketing for Homeland Security and professional communications is involved in project opportunities generation in sectors of professional communications security and command and control.

Anita Galin, Projec Manager, MSB

Anton Engström, IT-expert, Swedish Police

Antti Kauppinen

Antti Kauppinen has been working in State Security Networks Ltd. and VIRVE for 17 years. During those years Antti has held several positions. In his current position as Head of Department Mr Kauppinen is responsible for leading a project that will able the public safety users to migrate from narrowband TETRA to commercial broadband services. Antti holds Master’s degree in Science (Economics) and Bachelor’s degree in engineering (Information Technology).

Antti Laurila, Managing Director, Codea

Ari Toivonen, Spectrum, Standards and Technology Strategy Manager, Home Office

Arkadius Szarota

Arkadius Szarota works as Product Manager for Telia Companys Extended Security Services platform (including Mission Critical Services for Public Saftey) at Telias Special Network Security Department. He has been working within the ICT industry over 20 years . He has several years of experience previously working as a project manager, sevice manager and test manager within the telecom private and public sector at increasing levels of responsibility, mainly working with mobile network management and radio communication systems.

Arkadius areas of expertise are Wireless Network Technologies (LTE, WCDMA, GSM), OSS Network Surveillance, Mobile Core systems and RAN. His work is focused around Mobile network solutions, assignments vary from national system solutions to complex integrations with dependencies to 5G mobile networks, and security solutions. Arkadius holds a M.Sc. E.E from the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology.

Arnaud Legrand, Head of marketing Public Sector, Nokia

Arnaud leads Nokia’s public sector marketing efforts, educating government entities on the advances and benefits of telecommunications to improve the services they deliver to their citizens and businesses. When he’s not studying the latest market trends, you can find him recharging his batteries kite surfing and conquering the waves.

Bernhard Klinger, Vice President Business Development, Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

Bernhard has 30 years experience working in the Land Mobile Radio business. He currently serves as the key person for LMR business development at Hytera Mobilfunk (formerly Rohde & Schwarz Professional Mobile Radio), Germany.

He has been Chairman of the department for next generation broadband LMR networks of the German Professional Mobile Radio Association since 2007 and is also Vice Chairman of the Board. In this role he is contact person for ministries, agencies and organizations on the subject of Mobile Broadband Communications in Professional Mobile Radio.

Bernhard brings in many valuable years of key experience that is comprised of technology and application development, product management, sales, business development and a variety of senior management roles.

Bernhard began his career on a technical path, serving as a software developer for mobile communication systems.

Bram van den Ende, Project Manager, TNO

Bram van den Ende is associated with TNO in the Netherland since 1990 (except for a sabbatical at Siemens) and has a long track record of research and consultancy projects on mobile telecommunications in various domains, including but not limited to defense and public safety. His key interest are communication services which serve specific public goals and interests or where technology and policy issues come together. He has been repeatedly involved in national road-mapping studies with respect to PPDR mobile communications and conducted investigations commissioned by the government on specific topics like 112 and public warning. He was engaged in various European research projects. His prime role is project manager at TNO networks.

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CEO of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, CEO of Comfortcharge GmbH and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of 1NCE GmbH.

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn has been CEO of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH since January 2017. In addition, he is CEO of Comfortcharge GmbH and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of 1NCE GmbH, both since January 2018. Previously, he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Deutsche Telekom AG from February 2012 to December 2017, and Director of Technology Telekom Deutschland GmbH from April 2010 to December 2016. Prior to that, Mr. Jacobfeuerborn was Director of Technology of T-Mobile Deutschland and T-Home in Germany from July 2009 to March 2010. In this double role, he was responsible for the technology business (both mobile and fixed network) in Germany. From April 2007 to July 2009, he was Managing Director of Technology, IT and Procurement at Polska Telefonica Cyfrowa. Mr. Jacobfeuerborn joined what is now Deutsche Telekom AG in 1989 and has held several positions with increasing responsibility within the group.

Catalin Gheorgiu, Business Product Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

Chris Hogg is the Programme Manager for Global Certification Forum (GCF) – the mobile industry’s device certification scheme. With over 300 member companies GCF enables wireless products to be certified to industry agreed criteria. GCF Certified products have an assured level of interoperability with networks worldwide.

Prior to GCF Chris actively participated in mobile standards negotiations in 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T for a major infrastructure manufacturer. He is a Chartered Engineer and he holds an MBA from Imperial College, London and a Master of Engineering degree from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Chris Hogg, programme manager, Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd

Chris Hogg is the Programme Manager for Global Certification Forum (GCF) – the mobile industry’s device certification scheme. With over 300 member companies GCF enables wireless products to be certified to industry agreed criteria. GCF Certified products have an assured level of interoperability with networks worldwide.

Prior to GCF Chris actively participated in mobile standards negotiations in 3GPP, ETSI and ITU-T for a major infrastructure manufacturer. He is a Chartered Engineer and he holds an MBA from Imperial College, London and a Master of Engineering degree from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Chris Reid, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Aurizon

Chris is currently a design manager at Aurizon with over 11 years’ experience in the design and deployment of complex telecommunications systems with a primary focus on two-way radios networks. Chris is currently responsible for managing the design and implementation of Aurizon’s new digital radio network aimed at replacing legacy analog radio networks across Aurizon’s Central Queensland Coal Network.

Christian Bohlin, business developer, Västra Götalandsregionen

Christian Régnier, Head of Communication Solution Department, Air France KLM & Secretary, AGURRE

Since 2014 Christian has been Head of communication Solutions department. He is in charge of 16 Air France – KLM telecom engineers who ensure engineering and exploitation of communications solutions for the group (Webcasts, Telepresence, Video-conférence, PBX, PMR, contact centers). Christian is also Secretary of AGURRE Association for Air France. In order to obtain LTE frequencies for future PMR networks in Roissy and Orly

Christian is Technical referee for Video, Radio, voice and collaborative solutions, he is In charge of Telecom innovation in several domains in relationship with business needs and projects.

Christina Rinne, Program Manager, Business Finland

Christine Reinemann, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Division T I 3 - Standardisation and Service Development

Christine Reinemann received her degree in Information Technology Engineering from the University of Ilmenau (Germany) in 1972. She has more than 25 years of international experience in the telecommunication and electrical engineering industry where she has worked for companies such as Siemens and British Telecom. She joined the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) in 2011 where she designed concepts for the further development of the fixed network. Since 2017 she is part of the BDBOS team responsible for service development.

David Robinson, business development manager, Motorola Solutions Ltd

Over a fifteen year period David has worked in various roles in emergency services and public safety communications. Having joined Airwave in 2003, David was responsible for Airwave’s service and sales across the UK. In 2009 Airwave Solution acquired a Glasgow based software development company, Kelvin Connect, which specialised in operational digital, mobile policing applications. On acquisition, David was asked to join Kelvin Connect as the Director of Sales and Marketing.

Following Motorola’s acquisition of Airwave Solutions in 2016, David now leads Motorola Solutions sales actiivity in the UK police and criminal justice market.

Dr Dimitris Kaltakis, Consultant Infrastructure Architect, Transport for London

Dimitris has considerable experience in shaping, designing and delivering critical telecommunications infrastructure solutions and has and in-depth knowledge of various technologies and standards. In his current role within Transport for London he is accountable for the specification and design of major critical communication projects. He was the technical lead for TfL’s surface narrowband radio system project and he currently is the Design Lead for the new emergency services network in London underground. Dimitris received his PhD degree from University of Surrey in 2009. He is a chartered engineer and a member of the IET.

Dr Ingo Forkel, Senior Consultant, P3 communications

Dr Ingo Forkel received the diploma and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 1999 and 2005, respectively. Since 2003, he is with P3 communications GmbH in Aachen and Berlin, Germany, where he is the leading engineer for GSM/UMTS/LTE/TETRA mobile radio network planning and optimization. He has contributed to several cellular network performance studies. He is also involved in the design and roll-out of the German public safety network based on TETRA. He has published more than 30 scientific articles in international journals and conference proceedings and contributed to scientific books. He is a member of IEEE and VDE.

Elina Avela, CEO, Beaconsim

Elina Avela, MSc in Telecom, owner and CEO of Beaconsim, has more than 25 years critical communications experience in management positions at Nokia, EADS/Airbus and Beaconsim

Beaconsim develops and sells critical communication simulators for planning, testing and training of radio users and dispatchers for their operative communication. So far Beaconsim has delivered systems to 28 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Elina is also partner and chairman of the board in Roger-GPS.

Eric Davalo, head of strategic development, Airbus SLC

Eric Davalo joined Airbus in 2004. Before that he worked for 11 years at Nortel Networks in various positions from software designer to Director of Technical Sales support. He then joined Maple Networks, a telecom start-up in the Silicon Valley, as CTO.

At Airbus, he has been in charge of various positions in Secured Communications, Intelligence and Cyber Security markets including strategy, portfolio management, standardization, regulation, business development, general management and technology initiatives. He is now in charge of strategy, marketing, portfolio management and business development for Airbus Secure Land Communications.

Erik Guttman, 3GPP Service and System Aspects (SA) Chairman

Erik Guttman, a consultant employed by Samsung Electronics, has been actively involved in standardisation in networking and telecommunications for over 20 years. He currently serves as the 3GPP service and system aspects technical specification group chairman. Preceding this, he held the position of 3GPP system architecture working group for two terms. He has also chaired and actively contributed to numerous IETF working groups including SVRLOC (service location protocol) and ZEROCONF (zero configuration networking). Erik's background includes leading research and software projects that introduced emerging network application and system functions to operating environments. Erik developed frameworks and tools for distributed installation and deployment. Erik served chief technical officers as system architect and requirements researcher. Erik obtained a BA in philosophy and computer science from the University of California, Berkeley and a MS in computer science from Stanford University.

Esa Suutari, Head of Sales & Marketing, Sunit

Eva-Maria Eckmann, Head of the Authorised Office and Deputy Head of the Coordinating Office Hamburg

After several positions (among others academic teacher in the college for higher education and Head of the commissariat) she is in the senior civil service in the area of public safety digital radio since 2008. First she led the rollout of the Hamburg network segment. After setting the procedural principles for the indoor coverage, she changed in August 2013 to the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) and took over the direction of the northern regional office and in 2014 the division for indoor coverage. Since the beginning of 2017 she is the Head of the authorised office Hamburg and thus responsible for the operation of the German public safety digital radio during the G20 summit. In December 2017 she became the deputy Head of the Coordinating Office for the digital radio in Hamburg.

Dr Fidel Liberal, Coordinator of the Mission Critical Open Platform, MCOP

Dr Fidel Liberal is a well-recognized expert in the mission critical communications environment. He currently works in the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) where he leads different mission critical communications and 5G related R&D projects. Among them, he is currently the coordinator of the Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) www.mcopenplatform.org project.

He has co-authored more than 75 international journal and conference papers in different telecommunication areas, most of them on broadband mobile networks.

In recent years, he has been very active in the field of public safety communications related to NG911/NG112 systems and next generation public safety systems. As a result of an intense dissemination activity, he is connected with some of the most relevant stakeholders in the sector such as EENA, PSCE, TCCA, NIST-PSCR and standardisation bodies such as ETSI, 3GPP and ITU-T.

In 2017 he served as technical expert in NG112 and MCPTT Plugtests, interoperability events organised by ETSI.

He has also co-founded two security and mission critical communications related spin-offs.

Florence Erpelding, AGURRE Representative, AGURRE;

Florence Erpelding is representative of AGURRE (Association des Grands Utilisateurs de Réseaux Radio d’Exploitation).

AGURRE groups eleven key economic organisations, in the sectors of transport and energy, who need broadband professional mobile networks able to fulfil the evolution of their operating and safety tasks.

Florence takes part, under the aegis of AGURRE and its members, in the following missions:

  • consolidate the needs of the various users about broadband professional mobile networks;
  • promote expertise exchanges and cooperation to define consistent strategies;
  • foster the conduct of different and complementary trials, in relation to radio technologies and frequencies, and the exchanges of feedbacks;
  • lobby national public bodies and promote, in a coordinated way, the spectrum requirements;
  • monitor technological development, for both network infrastructure and user terminals.

Florence Erpelding is a senior telecommunications engineer at LD in Paris, a company offering engineering and consulting services, as well as integration services, in wireless technologies.

Before joining LD, Florence worked at ANFR, the French radio frequencies agency, from 2012 to 2016, and previously at Arcep, France’s electronic communications and postal regulatory authority, from 2004 to 2012.

François Rancy, director, Radiocommunication Bureau

Mr. Rancy was elected by the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in 2010 (PP-10) to the post of Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) of the International Telecommunication Union, and was confirmed in a second term during the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in 2014 (PP-14).

As Director, Mr. Rancy is responsible for the management of the Radiocommunication Bureau which organises and co-ordinates the work of the Radiocommunication Sector whose aim is to ensure the rational, equitable, efficient and economical use of the radio-frequency spectrum and the geostationary satellite orbit.

Previous to taking up his duties at the ITU in January, 2011, he was Director General of the French Agence nationale des fréquences. Since 1995, Mr. Rancy has served as the head or deputy head for national delegations at many ITU conferences and meetings.

Mr. Rancy graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1977 and from Ecole nationale supérieure des télécommunications in 1979.

Georg Mayer, 3GPP Core Network and Terminals TSG (CT) Chairman

Georg Mayer is the Chairman of the core network and terminals, technical specification group of 3GPP (TSG CT). His current focus is on the coordination of 5G related work inside and outside 3GPP. He participates in the IETF and works closely with several of the new stakeholders in 5G, such as public safety, railways, autonomous systems and IoT service providers.

He is a published author and has co-authored a book on IMS, amongst other titles.

Georg Mayer holds an MSc in computer science from the University of Hagen, Germany. He works for Huawei Technologies.

Gerald Reddig, Head of Product Marketing - Security, Nokia

Gerald is a senior business leader with more than 20 years management experience in the IT and telecommunication industry. Gerald is leading Nokia´s portfolio marketing for security solutions and signs responsible for all global campaigns in this regard.

He holds a master degree in business administration and engineering and started his career at Siemens Mobile in his role as business consultant for mobile operators. In the further course of his career he has hold positions in product management and business development including leadership responsibilities for European projects in the field of mobile Internet and communication services.

He is a member of the broadband forum, directs Nokia´s membership in the IoT Cybersecurity Alliance as well as leading the Nokia´s Security center in Finland. Gerald is on the speaker’s circuit at international conferences and a recognized author on the topics he’s passionate about: cybersecurity technology, data privacy and finding the right solutions to prevent vulnerabilities, hacker trojans or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Gösta Kallner, LTE450 Technology Director, Ice group

Guy Duplaquet, programme director, Next Generation French PPDR Radio Network

Guy is currently leading the prefiguration team for the future French national PPDR LTE network, whose main goals are to prepare political and strategic arbitrations regarding technical architecture, governance, legal and regulatory issues and financial trajectory of the network. His past experiences lies within the French government IT teams: messaging systems, IP networks and supervision of IT datacenters for the MoI, first deputy then chief information officer for the French Ministry of Justice, CIO for the French Ministry of Agriculture. All over his career as CIO, he has been deeply involved with methodology, but his main interests also include IT architecture - his initial speciality - and making teams working together. Guy holds an engineering degree form École Polytechnique and a second one from Télécom ParisTech, France.

Harald Ludwig, Technical Forum Chairman, TCCA

Harald Ludwig is the founder and managing director of Arico Technologies, a company offering consultancy, training and project management services for the professional mobile radio industry. He has expertise in the fields of system and application design, test and integration, tender specifications writing and bid evaluation, general and technical training, intellectual property rights and licensing, critical communications and mission-critical public safety communications, broadband technologies, international standardisation and interoperability testing.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the professional mobile radio industry, e.g. in development and testing of safety-critical communication systems, integration of command and control systems and end-to-end design of nationwide public safety systems.

Harald was appointed chairman of the TCCA technical forum in 2006. The technical forum is responsible for the interoperability of TETRA equipment, including infrastructures, radio terminals and applications. He is now looking into interoperability aspects of mission-critical LTE

Harri Virtanen, Head of Department, Customer Management and End User Support States Security Networks Group

Harri Virtanen is a former fire officer who works in end user support. He is a main user for tetra and field command systems for rescue services. He has more than 15 years’ experience with critical communications.

Herman van Sprakelaar, project manager, Ministerie van Justitite en Veiligheid

Herman van Sprakelaar is currently Project Manager for the Ministry of Security and Justice for the Renewal of C2000 (IVC). A new system based upon the Tetra Standard. He is working for IVC on a temporarily basis.

From the start of the C2000 project Herman played a role in network management, architecture and product development. Herman helped designing and building the MDC service organization. Since 2003 he was responsible for the system architecture and product management and system development.

Because C2000 was one of the early adapters from the TETRA technology, MDC is involved in a lot of international contacts and meetings, and also active in the 3GGP work concerning public safety features within the LTE standard

Herman is representative for the Netherlands in the CCBG. A meeting of a lot of European countries and organizations which are involved in the mobile broadband developments for public safety.

Heikki Riippa, PPDR ICT Professional, Critical Communications Finland

Henri Paalasmaa, Product Manager, Beaconsim

Hyounhee Koo, CEO, SyncTechno Inc.

Hyounhee Koo is the CEO of SyncTechno Inc., a research and development firm that carries out projects and businesses related to both local and global standardization activities, and enables IoT converged services by developing software technologies in the fields of public safety and the maritime domain. Ms. Koo is the rapporteur of 3GPP stage 1 study item FS_MARCOM, that develops use cases and potential requirements on maritime communication services over 3GPP system including IMO MSPs. In addition, MS. Koo is involved in 3GPP standard activities related to public safety for authority to authority communication over 3GPP system.

Previously, Ms. Koo worked for LG Electronics and then Samsung Electronics in the field of mobile communications including 3GPP standard activities since she graduated from Graduate School of Seoul National University with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in early 2002.

Iain Ivory, Founder & Partner, Hermitage Comms LLP

Iain founded Hermitage Comms in 2016, a specialist Telecoms & IT Consultancy working primarily with government and public safety organisations to help assess the benefits and impact of the rapidly changing telecoms industry. His work covers evaluation of emerging telecoms standards, assessment of existing IT & telecoms systems and future strategies and he has supported clients in developing strategies for migration of system to the Cloud.

Prior to founding Hermitage Comms, Iain held a number of roles over 16 years with Motorola Solution, including five years as Director of Motorola’s TETRA Device business. With Motorola he was involved in the development and deployment of TETRA across the world. He has been an active contributor to the TCCA for many years and is currently a member of the Critical Comms Broadband Group within TCCA.

Ibrahim Malik, Deputy Director, Land Transport Authority of Singapore

Ibrahim Malik is a Deputy Director with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, which spearheads land transport developments in Singapore. Mr Ibrahim has over 30 years’ experience in system design and project management on Mass Rapid Transit projects. Currently leading a team of managers and engineers, their primary responsibilities include renewal of E&M system life cycle for brownfield projects, as well as line-extension and expansion implementations.

Jaakko Heinonen, Project Coordinator, Keski-Suomi Rescue Department

Jani Kareinen, Head of Fire and Rescue Services Department, Kainuu Rescue Department

Jani Kareinen have been working earlier as firefighter-paramedic and fire officer in North Karelia Rescue department. Now he is facilitating rescue services in region of Kainuu. He has more than 17 years’ experience in field of Rescue services.

Jani Suomalainen, VTT

Jani Suomalainen has been with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland since 2000, where he is a senior scientist at the cyber security team. He is specialized on network and information security and has been involved in these topics in various international joint projects and customer projects. His research interests include the adaptive management of security solutions in dynamic and heterogeneous environments. Recently, he has been involved in the 5G-ENSURE Project, which developed architecture and enablers for emerging mobile networking technologies, and in the CORNET Project, which researches how 4G and 5G technologies can support mission-critical applications.

Janos Arrakoski, Special Solutions Sales Manager, Nokia

Janos is a senior specialist in telecommunications with a broad and deep end-to-end knowledge of mobile networks and devices. The past three years within Nokia he has participated in the work to define and create mobile broadband solutions suitable for critical communication, like public safety and private LTE.

He started he’s telecommunication career at Nokia Mobile Phones in early 90’s, moved to Nokia Networks in 1997 and has held several management positions since 2000 in different areas like testing & verification (interoperability), marketing & sales, program management, technical support and product management.

When critical communication customer projects, demos, trials or PoC’s allows and the summer is at it’s best in Finland (July) you’ll find him hard to reach as the Baltic Sea still has some white spots when it comes to mobile broadband coverage.

Janne Ahava, Special Designer, Erillisverkot Group

Janne Koivukoski, Director General for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior, Finland

Janne Koivukoski is a Master of Sciences in Physics, University of Helsinki 1983. Koivukoski is specialized to administration of rescues services, civil defense, emergency response centers (112-centers), and professional mobile radio technics and nuclear and radiation protection in his post graduate studies and works.

He started his career in the Ministry of the Interiors administration in State Civil Defense College as teacher, Lohja 1983. He joined the Ministry in 1985 and he served as a planner and chief inspector in the rescue department until 1996 when he was appointed to the Chief Information Officer for Rescue Services. He is the founder and first Director General for Finnish Emergency Response Authority. Koivukoski was heading the Finnish Authority Radio Network (TETRA) project under the construction phase and he has been the chair of co-operation group of Finnish Tetra users 2007-2017. Koivukoski has been Board Member of Suomen Erillisverkot Oy since 2018. He was appointed to the Director of the Rescue Services in October 2001. Since the October 2013 he has also been Deputy Director General for Rescue Services in Finland. Janne Koivukoski was nominated to the Director General for Rescue Services the 1st of March 2018 to the end of June 2018.

Jani Lehtinen, Liiketoimintajohtaja, Secapp /Magister Solutions

Multi-talented sales professional and growth-business entrepreneur with in-depth experience in software products and services. At its best in business domains where mission-critical activities are part of everyday life: security, rescue, and healthcare sectors. Strong experience in team-leadership, identifying customer requirements and understanding the “big-picture”.

Jari Latva-Käyrä, Nurse, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa

Jari Rautiainen, Director, Sales and Operations, Roger-GPS

Jari Wilen, Chief of Communication, Keski-Suomi Rescue Department

Jarmo Vinkvist, CEO, Suomen Virveverkko Ltd - Part of State Security Networks Group, Erillisverkot Group

Jarmo Vinkvist (55) has joined State Security Networks Group on year 2005, working first 4 years as VP, from year 2009 as COO and from 2013 as CEO for Suomen Virveverkko Ltd. He is having responsibility of operating VIRVE network, which is a country wide security network for Public Safety users in Finland.

Prior State Security Networks he worked from 1988 for Telecom Cable Industry (Nokia Group, and later NKF Holding N.V. and Draka Holding N.V.) including years 1998 – 2000 as CFO for a Telecom project in Sao Paulo state, Brazil and 2000 – 2002 as CFO for a Telecom distributor company in Texas, USA. Vinkvist holds Master in Science (economics) and eMBA degrees. His military rank is Major (reserve) in Finnish Defence Forces.

Jarno Majava, Director, Sales & Business Development, Bittium

Jay Nix, Senior Project Manager, Motorola Solutions

This presentation will review Motorola Solutions Disaster Response when Hurricane Irma struck the Florida Keys in September 2017. Over the course of one week, beginning days before Hurricane Irma hit, Motorola Solutions' teams were working around the clock to provide immediate support, devices and accessories as well as the equipment and labor required to repair damaged secure communication networks. With dedication and expertise, it was back online quickly to support the First Responders and residents during the most critical times. Jay Nix walks you through the timeline and extent of the response.

Jeff Bratcher, chief technology officer, FirstNet

Mr. Bratcher spent his early career in the private sector at Motorola Cellular and Siemens Mobile in their respective cellular field deployment engineering teams in domestic and international markets. Mr. Bratcher began his federal service in 2003 when he joined the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) located in Boulder, Colorado. Prior to joining FirstNet, Mr. Bratcher served as Division Chief for the Telecommunications and IT Planning Division at the ITS and also served as the Technical and Operations Manager for the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) program. Mr. Bratcher received a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University and a MS in Telecommunications from Southern Methodist University.

Johann Skwara, Head of the Authorised Office Bavaria

Johann Skwara had already held different positions in his extensive professional career when he became the Head of the Special Forces Division and Head of the Operations and Crime Fighting Section of the Managerial Staff at the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office in 1999. Since 2012 he is also the Head of the Authorised Office for Public Safety Digital Radio in Bavaria. One of most recent and international projects he has worked in was the G7 Summit of 2015 where he was the Head of operations for digital radio services.

Jorma Hämäläinen, Sales Director, Creanord

Extensive sales experience in the fields of Performance Assurance, SLA Management and Test & Measurement.

Juha Nurmi

Juha Zidbeck, Research Scientist, VTT

Juha Zidbeck received his M.Sc.EE degree from Helsinki University of Technology in 1990. He is currently working as senior scientist at VTT, where he has participated in both national and international projects covering various network technologies. His research interests include broadband communication technologies, while his expertise is focused on implementation of embedded systems for high speed switching. In addition to responsibilities as project manager in customer projects, he has led work packages targeting ICT system integration in EU research projects. Most recently, he has assumed responsibilities in development of autonomous systems connectivity solutions to control robot platforms utilized for indoor positioning applications in VTT’s 5G testbed projects.

Juhani Lehtonen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Goodmill Systems

Juho Heikkinen, Senior Product Manager, Insta DefSec

Juho Luoma, Business Development Manager, Erillisverkot Group

Professor Jukka MJ Manner PhD, Aalto University

Jukka Manner received his MSc. (1999) and PhD. (2004) degrees in computer science from the University of Helsinki. He has been a full professor (tenured) of networking technology at Aalto University, Department of Communications and Networking (Comnet) since 2008. His research and teaching focuses on networking, software and distributed systems, with a strong focus on wireless and mobile networks, transport protocols, energy efficient ICT, critical communications and cyber security. He has contributed to standardization of Internet technologies in the IETF since 1999. In 2014 he received the Cross of Merit, Signals, and in 2015 the Medal for Military Merits for contributions in national defence and C4.

Jürgen Rurainsky, head of the International Standardisation Team, BDBOS, Division TI3

Jürgen Rurainsky is member of the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) and is heading the International Standardization Team. He is also the Chairman of the Operator and User Association (OUA) at TCCA.

Jyrki Rantonen, Sales Manager, Insta DefSec

Jyri Vikström, Vice President, Sales, Deltagon

Extensive sales experience in the fields of Performance Assurance, SLA Management and Test & Measurement.

Kalle Arola, Managing Director, Elektro-Arola

Elektro-Arola's CEO Kalle Arola has over 20 years of experience in the field of PPDR applications, especially for fire and rescue market.

Elektro-Arola's specific expertise is in:

  • alerting and interconnectivity
  • situation awareness
  • RoIP
  • Electronic siren / public address systems for vehicles and civil defence

Karsten Rückheim, Head of the Authorised Office Berlin

Karsten Rückheim is 52 years old. He became a police officer in 1984 and is staff officer since 2004. He has many years of experience working in large scale operations in Berlin. He was the Head of the police training for four years and became the Head of the Authorised Office for Public Safety Digital Radio in Berlin two years ago.

Katriina Snellman, Specialist, Emergency Response Centre

Kari Aho, Liiketoimintajohtaja, Secapp /Magister Solutions

Internationally recognized Ph.D. in mobile technologies and telecom with strong experience working as a growth entrepreneur and board member. Has a background in designing and managing international R&D and software projects starting from idea evolving into a product and most importantly into a business. Enjoys building partnerships, public speaking and developing new business.

Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst at CritComm Insights

Ken Rehbehn is a principal analyst at CritComm Insights. As a wireless technology analyst, Ken tracks the global radio access network (RAN) technology solutions deployed by private and public network operators as they deliver services to mission critical agencies and enterprises. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, he provides insight into ongoing and emerging trends including 3GPP-based 4G/LTE and 5G as well as Project 25 and TETRA Land Mobile Radio system evolution. His coverage area also addresses non-mobile radio technology for low power, wide area (LPWA) Internet of Things (IoT) networking. Technology elements covered include base stations, small cells, base station antennas, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, public safety communications devices and public safety IoT. Ken started his career with a stint as a 911 dispatcher in Montgomery County, Maryland and remains active as a volunteer firefighter.

Kjetil Hoiseth, Chief Engineer, Radio Network, Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB)

Kjetil Hoiseth joined the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB, former DNK) in 2009. He is responsible for Air-Ground-Air and capacity in the radio networks in Nødnett, Norway’s emergency network (TETRA). During his 20 years in the telecommunication industry, he has experience from planning, roll-out, and operation of CDMA, LMDS, Broadcast and TETRA, in the USA and Europe.

Konsta Purola, EMS Supervisor, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa

Kjetil Hoiseth joined the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB, former DNK) in 2009. He is responsible for Air-Ground-Air and capacity in the radio networks in Nødnett, Norway’s emergency network (TETRA). During his 20 years in the telecommunication industry, he has experience from planning, roll-out, and operation of CDMA, LMDS, Broadcast and TETRA, in the USA and Europe.

Kok Ken Yau, Senior Project Manager, Land Transport Authority of Singapore

Kok Ken Yau is a Senior Project Manager with the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport, which spearheads land transport developments in Singapore. Mr Yau has over 17 years’ experience in communications system design and project management on Mass Rapid Transit projects. Currently leading a team of engineers, their primary responsibilities include renewal of communications system life cycle for brownfield projects, as well as line-extension and expansion implementations. He was graduated with a Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (1st Class Honours) from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. He is a Chartered Engineer accredited by the Engineering Council (U.K.), Chartered Engineer (Singapore) in the branch of Railway & Transportation Engineering, and also a Project Management Professional (PMP) accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Reinhard Renja, Project Manager, Rheinbahn AG

Reinhard Renja has been working at the public transport provider Rheinbahn AG in Dusseldorf, Germany, since January 1st, 2003. He focuses on the implementation, expansion and system administration of control, radio and passenger information systems at the technical office of the company’s electronic systems department. Prior to this, Reinhard Renja held the position of a project engineer for operational facilities in public transport at Rhein-Consult GmbH for 14 years. Since 2002, he also leads the digital radio task force at the association for German traffic enterprises. Reinhard Renja holds a master of engineering degree in communications engineering.

Magnus Bergqvist, Tecnical expert, MSB

Marc De Buyser, CEO, sa A.S.T.R.I.D. nv

Marc De Buyser is CEO at A.S.T.R.I.D. since 2003. In that period Astrid evolved from a project oriented company to a service company with a very high penetration of the 3 offered services namely Tetra radiocommunication, national paging service and nationwide calltaking and dispatching of emergeny calls from all Belgian citizens.

He has a broad experience in the private telecom business as well in mobile voice and data operators as in the fixed voice connections; he was director of Professional markets at telecom-operators as Telenet and KPN companies ( BASE and KPN RAM Mobile data).

Before the liberation of the telecom market in Belgium and his move to that businesssector he was managing director of a american stockbased software company and business unit manager of a systemintegrator of ICT –hardware and software solutions.

Markus Asikainen, Director, Business Development, Digia

Markus Kujala, Project Manager, Erillisverkot Group

Michel Duits, Technical expert, DSB, Norway

Michael Markwirth, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS)

Michael Markwirth is a policeman in the southern part of Germany since 1991 and works in digital radio since 2006. He has been part of the project team in charge of the subscriber management in the Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) since its beginning in 2008. He was the deputy Program Manager until 2015 and in 2016 he became the Program Manager. Currently, he is also the Head of the development support team of the BDBOS project in charge of the subscriber management, provisioning and encryption.

Mika Skarp, Founder & CTO, Cloudstreet

Cloudstreet founder and CTO, Mika Skarp is an awarded telecom network technologist, entrepreneur and executive. After over a decade and a half developing groundbreaking technology-enabled business models for Nokia Siemens in Finland, Mika consolidated his learnings, experience and patents to launch Cloudstreet and the world’s first application-aware network.

Manfred Blaha, Brigadier-General, Ministry of Interior Austria

Manfred Blaha (engraded Engineer, Bachelor of Arts in Police Leadership) is a police officer in Austria’s Ministry of Interior, with the rank of a Brigadier-General, looking back on 30+ years of experience in Public Safety Communications.

He was managing several communications projects within the Ministry of the Interior and for the Austrian Federal Police, like Emergency Call and Dispatch Centre equipment, Police Radio Networks, the Emergency Operations Centre of several Police HQ’s and the Ministry of Interior and also solutions for the MoI’s Civil Protection Department.

His job title is “Special Expert for Crisis Communications”. In this function he is representing Austria’s PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) in several relevant groups within the European Commission, NATO’s Partnership for Peace and International Organisations.

In parallel he is also Member of the Board of Officers of PSCE, the Public Safety Communications Europe Forum since 2008 (www.psc-europe.eu).

Manan Shah, Associate Director, Arup

Manan is a leader within the Arup London digital team. With over 25 years’ experience in complex multidisciplinary projects around the world, Manan brings operational, technology and management expertise on assignments around the world. Manan provides advice on procurement and partnering arrangements on packaging technology delivery on capital projects and on managed service contracts.

Manan has led major systems design projects in aviation such as T5, Heathrow; and in sports and major events such as Singapore Sports Hub and Qatar 2022 World Cup IT and technology strategy and assurance. Most recently he has led the work on integrated command and control solutions for disaster and crisis management and safe city projects.

He is currently involved in a major roll out of safe city solutions across a state in East Asia for the Police involving Critical communications and command and control platforms. He is also working on an initiative to build resilience thinking into smart city projects in India funded through UK government.

Manan is also leading new security systems integration work at Schiphol Airport in its major expansion that opens in 2020 and beyond.

He is a qualified chartered engineer and a practitioner in Prince II and MSP (Managing Successful Programmes).

Markku Korkiakoski Director, Sales & Business Development

Mr. Korkiakoski has 20 years of professional experience on mobile technologies. After joining Bittium in 2006, Markku has held various key positions in R&D as well as in external interfaces. He is leading the standardization in Bittium where his own area of specialty is the evolution of public safety communication. Markku is an active member of national cyber security domain and he is also the industry coordinator in S2ERC site in Oulu. Prior to joining Bittium, he was working for Nokia. Along with his experience within Bittium, he was also a Program Director at DIMECC where he lead one of the largest cyber security research programmes in Europe, DIMECC Cyber Trust Programme (www.cybertrust.fi).

Mari Suokari-Pärssinen, Head of Communications, Erillisverkot Group

Marianne Storrøsten, Project Manager, DSB, Norway

Martin Benke, Vice President MSSSI, Motorola UK Managed Services

Martin has more than 40 years’ experience in designing, building and operating fixed line and mobile networks in the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Martin joined Airwave in 2006 as Operations Director and following the acquisition of Airwave by Motorola Solutions took over responsibility for Motorola’s UK Managed Services including continued responsibility for Airwave and the development of Motorola's ESN (Emergency Services Network) services.

Prior to joining Airwave, Martin worked for Vodafone managing their 2G and 3G networks in the UK.

Mikko Jylhä, CSO, Digia

Martin has more than 40 years’ experience in designing, building and operating fixed line and mobile networks in the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Martin joined Airwave in 2006 as Operations Director and following the acquisition of Airwave by Motorola Solutions took over responsibility for Motorola’s UK Managed Services including continued responsibility for Airwave and the development of Motorola's ESN (Emergency Services Network) services.

Prior to joining Airwave, Martin worked for Vodafone managing their 2G and 3G networks in the UK.

Minna Nyman, Head of Rakel and Management & Control systems office, MSB

Minna Ylinen, Systems Designer, Emergency Response Centre

I am Systems designer Minna Ylinen from Emergency Response Center Agency. I have worked in the field now 19 years and have seen in development of ERC operations in Finland. I started my career as ERC operator in 1999 and in 2007 I started to work as a Systems designer. My job is developing the operational information system and service management. I also work as an operative VIRVE administrator. We will, together with my colleagues, test all the new features that are brought into the information system. Such features include 112Suomi app, Google ELS, Apple AML, and eCall for example. Everything starts from the fact that we can provide the ERC operators with the best possible information systems that support their work. And so we can offer the best help to the citizen also.

Nick Smye, principal consultant, Mason Advisory

Nick Smye is a Principal Consultant with Mason Advisory. Nick has over 35 years’ experience in the communications industry. He previously worked in the electricity industry for nearly 10 years, where he gained valuable first-hand experience in the design, development and planning of mobile and fixed radio communications services. Nick now focuses on public sector, delivering major projects for clients including major emergency service organisations, and government departments. He is currently chair of the SCADA, Telemetry and Smart Grid Working Group and the PEI TIP Working Group.

Nicolas Hauswald, Sales & Marketing Director, ETELM

Nicolas Hauswald is Director of Sales & Marketing activity for ETELM, a manufacturer of Mission Critical communications infrastructure technology (TETRA, LTE) based in Paris, France.

Nicolas joined ETELM after having spent over 15 years in the Telecoms and Public Safety industry (including Alcatel and BAE Systems) selling and delivering global infrastructures solutions. Nicolas has an Engineer’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications.

ETELM launched its new LTE eNodeB base station e-LBS in 2016 which provides long range 4G Services. This product is suitable for Transport, Oil&Gas, Public Safety, Security and Operators providing mission critical services and for professional communications. The e-LBS complements Etelm’s 4G Linked Series of TETRA, DMR & Analogue products which all connect directly to the LTE Core network.

Niklas Lagerblom, Senior Manager, Airbus Defence and Space

Noel Kirkaldy, Business Development, Transport, Energy and Public Sector, Nokia

Oliver Funke, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS), Division T I 2 - Planning and Architecture

Oliver Funke was born in Bergisch Gladbach (North Rhine-Westphalia) on 18 June 1967. After his Abitur in 1986, he joined the Federal Armed Forces as a signaller, specializing in radio relay.

Between 1988 and 1994, Oliver Funke studied electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen with a focus on communications engineering. After his studies, he worked in the communications and mobile technologies sector, gaining experience with network operators, manufacturers and integrators.

From 2008 he worked with various international companies as a freelance telecommunications expert and project manager before joining the technology and infrastructure directorate-general at BDBOS in March 2012. In the monitoring working group, he defined the requirements for real-time monitoring (RTM) together with partners from federal and state authorities. When RTM transitioned into the project phase in 2014, he became deputy project manager. Since July 2015, he has been project manager for introducing and developing RTM.

Dr Panagiotis Paschalidis, Senior Consultant, P3 Communications GmbH

Dr Panagiotis Paschalidis attained his degrees in electrical engineering specialising in communication technologies from the RWTH Aachen (Dipl.-Ing / MSc) and TU Braunschweig (Dr.-Ing / PhD) respectively. Before joining P3 communications in 2015, he has worked as a researcher and a project manager at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, authoring numerous scientific publications, leading national and international projects regarding reliable communication systems predominantly in the automotive area and representing the respective research group in scientific and industrial pre-standardisation bodies such as COST, C2CC etc. Within P3 communications, he leads research activities regarding critical communications with a focus on security and critical infrastructure. His focus lies on testing, hardening and evaluating of advanced communication technologies with respect to the requirements of critical infrastructure.

Paul Steinberg, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions

Paul Steinberg, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Motorola Solutions, leads the company’s technology and intellectual property strategy as well as the company’s strategic venture capital investment group.

Paul joined Motorola in 1992 as a senior software development engineer in the wireless infrastructure group. Prior to his current position as CTO, he was chief architect for carrier wireless infrastructure broadband products (3G and LTE) in Motorola’s network infrastructure unit. Before joining Motorola, Paul was a distinguished member of the technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he worked on computer architecture and operating system development.

Paul serves on technical advisory boards for multiple companies that supply products, services and technologies to the telecommunications industry. He is a member of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Technical Advisory Council (TAC) and served on the FCC’s Technical Advisory Board for first responder interoperability. He is also a member of the Illinois State Governor’s Smarter Illinois Advisory Board and the Illinois Technology Association’s IoT council. Paul is a member of the board of trustees for Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

Paul earned an associate degree of applied science in electrical engineering from Parkland College, a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Illinois Benedictine College and completed graduate studies in computer science at the University of Illinois.

Pete Peltola, Chief Executive Officer, Bandercom

Pete Peltola, Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Bandercom Oy Ltd – a company specializing in Mission Critical Communications since 1992. Having over 25 years of experience in the field of wireless communication Pete has been involved in the largest indoor coverage system roll-outs in Finland. Most of these systems were built combining the commercial mobile networks and State Security Network (Virve). He has worked in these projects either as a prime contractor, head of design or as a project manager consultant and specialist

Peteveikko Lyly, Technical expert, Erillisverkot Group

Peter Cox, Founder and CEO, UM Labs

Peter founded UM Labs to research and develop security solutions for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and other related real-time communication applications. Drawing on many years of experience building internet firewalls and email security products, Peter created a new approach to the problem by applying internet security principles to services traditionally part of the telecommunications domain.

Today, UM Labs technology has been adopted by both national telecommunications providers and by leading systems integrators operating in both commercial and government sectors.

Philippe Agard, Vice President, Public Safety and Defense Markets, Nokia

Philippe Agard is currently Vice President of Public Safety and Defense Markets in Nokia since 2013.

He also chairs the critical communications Broadband Industry Group (BIG), a The Critical Communications Association (TCCA), working group formed to encourage broadband vendor cooperation in the development of common global critical communications solutions. As such is a member of TCCA board.

Philippe has spent his entire career within Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent and now Nokia. He previously held several positions of director in mobile networks business group, finance and vertical markets activities.

Philippe graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supélec), France, has an international diploma from Imperial College, London and a diploma of advanced economic studies (DEA) from Dauphine, Paris. He also graduated from IHEDN (Institut des hautes études de défense nationale) in 2013.

R. Ezhirpavai, Acting Vice President Technology, Aricent

R. Ezhirpavai has been part of Aricent since 1999 and worked in government aided telecommunication organization C-DoT from 1996 to 1999. She has been part of products division ever since she joined Aricent (Hughes Software Systems at that time). She has been part of many of Aricent IPRs like SS7/Sigtran stacks, VoIP stacks. She has even contributed to IETF specs for SCTP (RFC 4960) - http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc4960.txt. She has been part of big projects like softswitches, IMS application servers, which have 150-200 members in the team and she was one of the key architects for the project. She was the main architect for Aricent Flagship product – VCC Server. She has worked with various product line managers and business managers to conceive new products for Aricent and has been keen to present it to customers.

She has been the key architect for the Aricent EPC, IMS, Offload gateways, 3G based HNBGW, 4G HeNBGW, C-SGN and even now continues to work with engineering team, product line managers and with business groups and sales teams to sell Aricent frameworks. She has also taken webinars for Aricent and participated in multiple shows representing Aricent. She has won the annual award thrice for her contributions. She currently leads a team of around 100-150 members in software frameworks and is part of the innovation team in Aricent.

She has helped many solutions for customers with and without Aricent frameworks. Customers have many times looked forward to her technical guidance for the projects beyond Aricent framework contribution. She has also written some white papers which are published by Aricent and customers jointly. She has travelled many times to customer sites and helped pre-sales, post sales, interops, and showcasing Aricent frameworks and services to customers. Many service opportunities have come to Aricent because of the solutions sold to customers. She has recently been involved in creating virtualised solutions and creating stateless solutions for a truly NFV based solutions. She is also spear heading 5G solutions at Aricent.

Robin Davis, executive director, Actica Consulting

Robin Davis is an independent government advisor and technology advocate, who has advised government bodies and many public safety agencies around the world on the deployment of large scale leading edge technology projects and programmes. Specific to mission critical communications he has a detailed understanding of operational systems, LTE, TETRA radio, broadband and complex control room integration. His experience covers working across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

He is a specialist in providing business case justification, benchmarking and procurement support for complex technology programmes and is currently advising various government, public safety, transport and utility organisations. Robin is currently Chairman of the TCCA Transportation Group, a role he has undertaken for the last ten years.

Seppo Horsmanheimo, VTT

Sami Järvinen, Tieto

Sami Pienimäki, CEO, Jolla

Sami is an opportunistic entrepreneur seasoned in international tech development, fund raising and strategy development throughout the fearless journey of establishing the world’s only independent mobile OS. Prior to co-founding Jolla in 2011 Sami served as Head of Product Management MeeGo OS & MW at Nokia. Sami holds a M.Sc. in Communications Engineering and Industrial Management.

Sami Rantanen, Director, Head of Industry Public & Healthcare, Energy, Telecom and Media, Digia

Shing H. Ling, chief technology officer, Harris County, Texas USA

Shing Lin is the Chief Technology Officer at Harris County, Texas USA. Shing has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and has extensive experience in both government and corporate environments. Shing’s diverse background in IT, includes applications design and implementation, management consulting, and technology sales and consulting. Over the past 10 years, he has focused on the mobility trends and their impact on optimizing processes. During this time, Shing spent time at a major cellular carrier in the US, focused on mobility strategy and leveraging LTE and mobility solutions in the public sector. Shing has overseen the deployment of the Harris County Public Safety LTE network and associated mobility services. In his current role, he is responsible for radio communications, infrastructure security technology services, and public safety related application development. Shing has a bachelor’s in Computer Sciences and a Master in Business Administration.

Sigurd Heier, Head of department for emergency communication DSB/NBK, DSB, Norway

Simo Ruoko, Managing Director, Roger-GPS

Simo Ruoko is Managing Director of both Roger-GPS Ltd. www.gps-repeating.com, the leading European GNSS repeater manufacturer and Maktub Consulting Ltd. Maktub Consulting is focusing on developing SME companies exports strategy and go-to-market activities. Prior to entrepreneurship Simo has worked in management positions over 30 years at Intel, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Nokia Networks (IN and TETRA business) and Emerson Network Power.

Stephen Webb, director, Law Enforcement Programmes, Home Office

Stephen Webb is Director for Law Enforcement Programmes at the Home Office, which includes acting an Senior Responsible Owner for the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP), Home Office Biometrics (HOB) and National Law Enforcement Data Programme. He has been a civil servant for 25 years and has previously worked as Director of Corporate Services in the National Crime Agency, and in a number of roles in the Home Office, Northern Ireland Office and HM Treasury.

Steve Whatson

Steve Whatson is the Head of User Engagement in the Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) , the Home Office based team leading the delivery of the world’s first ‘second generation’ integrated critical communications system – the new Emergency Services Network. The new network is the largest IT transformational project in the Home Office, with a budget of £4.9 billion, and a key programme in the Government Major Projects Portfolio.

Steve joined the Home Office in January 2014 as Deputy Director on the ESMCP in charge of the Technical Solutions area. The Technical Solutions team is responsible for the delivery of the User Services and Mobile Services Lots in the main procurement, a number of related procurements (extended area services, handheld and vehicle devices, air to ground network and devices and control room upgrades) and dependent programmes such as Mobile Infrastructure Programme, Crossrail and London Underground.

Steve joined from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) where he had been since 2008 having been specifically recruited to manage the ICT security for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As the UK’s largest ever-peacetime mobilisation of police officers, Steve worked at the highest levels within the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), Government Departments, emergency services and suppliers to deliver what is considered one of the most successful Games in history. Under Steve’s management ICT security was also delivered ahead of schedule and to budget.

After the Games, Steve continued to manage the MPS’ largest ICT projects, amounting to a value of £80 million per year. These included: leading the replacement of the UK’s largest emergency services call handling system, driving the MPS' mobility programme and replacing the MPS' many legacy operational systems with a single solution.

Prior to joining the MPS Steve spent 14 years as a founding Director of a software consultancy, Infomatrix Ltd, based in Cambridge specialising in radio communications and software development both for public and private sector companies whose clients included London Buses (TFL), Selex Communications and Simoco.

Steve has over 20 years experience in IT and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a visiting lecturer at Leeds University Business School.

Tapio Mäkinen, Chief Marketing Technologist, Airbus Defence and Space

Tapio Savunen, Director, Strategic Marketing, Airbus Defence and Space

Tapio Savunen works as Director, Strategic Marketing in Airbus Defence and Space in the domain of Critical Communications. He has been working within the ICT industry over 25 years. Before Tapio joined Airbus Defence and Space, he worked many years for Nokia Corporation where he held several leading positions within program and business management. Tapio holds an M.Sc from the Helsinki University of Technology and many international patents have been granted him in the domain of mobile communications.

Teemu Ekola, Director Business Development & Sales, Insta DefSec

Tapio Savunen works as Director, Strategic Marketing in Airbus Defence and Space in the domain of Critical Communications. He has been working within the ICT industry over 25 years. Before Tapio joined Airbus Defence and Space, he worked many years for Nokia Corporation where he held several leading positions within program and business management. Tapio holds an M.Sc from the Helsinki University of Technology and many international patents have been granted him in the domain of mobile communications.

Tero Pesonen, Coordinator, Critical Communications Finland

Tero has worked in the international critical communications field since 1997 researching and promoting co-operation and development of best practises first with TETRA technology and now also with critical LTE globally. His particular field of interest has been to work in a multi-vendor market to help increase the efficiency in mission critical field operations. Lately, Tero’s focus has been on developing practical steps to move from TETRA to critical broadband.

Currently he serves as a director and board member as well as the chairman of the Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) with the primary task to ensure the critical communication functionality in the standardisation. For this he regularly attends the 3GPP plenaries and other events to drive co-operation on critical communications forward.

Tero was a founding member of the TETRA interoperability activities and was a contributor to the TCCA Technical Forum since the very beginning and in 2010-2013 a member of the association board that transformed TETRA Association to TCCA and found CCBG to pave the path for common broadband future for TETRA, TETRAPOL and GSM-R. POL and GSM-R.

Over the years, he has also produced numerous documents, white papers and articles, and held presentations to various audiences. He is the co-author for the "You and your TETRA Radio" book that explains in down to earth manner the essentials of TETRA. The book has been published in four languages.

Tero Uusi-Maahi, Executive Fire Officer, Keski-Suomi Rescue Department

Terrance Lai, Senior Telecommunications Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Terrance Lai, senior telecommunications manager at CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (“CLP Power”), oversees all telecommunications infrastructures and services for CLP Power, including fibre optic, microwave, data communications, telephony and radio networks covering 100+ transmission substations and thousands of distribution substations where hundreds of 11kV pole mount switches are communicating through TETRA over decade of operation.

Mr Lai has been in telecommunications field for over 20 years with extensive experience from erection of communications infrastructure to operation of all telecommunications networks in CLP Power. CLP Power is the Hong Kong utility subsidiary wholly owned by CLP Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in Asia. CLP Power operates a vertically integrated electricity supply business in Hong Kong and provides a highly reliable supply of electricity and excellent customer services to 6 million people in its supply area.

Thomas Roth, CTO, Gryphon Secure

Tiia Orjasniemi, Program Coordinator, Business Finland

Thomas Scholle, technology director, Technology Department, BDBOS

Thomas Scholle earned his Master degree in Telecommunications in 1997 from RTWH Aachen. He began working at Siemens as a Network Planning Manager for Northern Europe, then becoming a Network Architect in 2001. He moved to Nokia Siemens Networks in 2006, before relocating to BDBOS, where he now works as Director Technology TI in the Technology Department.

Timo Lehtimäki, CEO, State Security Networks Group, Finland

Timo Lehtimäki serves as the Chief Executive Officer of State Security Networks Ltd which he joined in 2013. He served as a director of Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority from 2000 to 2012. He was an expert and held leadership positions in research and development at ABB Industry Oy from 1993 to 2000. Mr. Lehtimäki holds a M.Sc. (Tech.).

Timo Vihervaara, Field Officer, Police of Finland

Policeman for over 15 years. Working on the field and responsible of the Finnish ANPR-system development, training and testing. Member of the development team of Finnish field command and video transferring systems. Also working with police cars IT-solutions, integration, equipment, communication and user requirement.

Timi Härkönen, Project Manager, Codea

Tomi Pekkonen, VIRVE Manager, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa

Tommi Lahtinen, Product Manager, Erillisverkot Group

Tony Gray, chief executive, TCCA

Tony Gray has worked in the mobile communications industry throughout most of his career of over 40 years to date. During this time he has held senior engineering, management, and consulting posts throughout Europe, the Middle East and around the world. He has worked as a consultant on a wide variety of public safety and other critical communications-related projects globally, and has recently been appointed as CEO of TCCA, the global representative body for all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communication services in mission critical or business critical environments.

Previously he was engaged as Regional Business Director with P3 Group, a highly regarded global communications engineering and consulting services provider.

Prior to his appointment as CEO, Tony served as a board member and director of TCCA’s Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG). TCCA is working with standards bodies including 3GPP and ETSI as well as other stakeholder groups worldwide to drive the development of common, global, mobile broadband technology standard and solutions for public safety and other critical communications users. TCCA is also engaged with global regulators to find appropriate, and as far as possible harmonised, spectrum in which future critical communications broadband networks can operate.

Tor Helge Lyngstøl, Special Advisor, DSB, Norway

Troy Stark, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, Gryphon Secure

Vesa-Matti Hartikainen, Program Manager, Jolla

As Program Manager for Finnish mobile company Jolla, Vesa-Matti manages development projects for Sailfish OS. He has over 10 years of experience in development of Linux based mobile operating systems, including Maemo, MeeGo and Sailfish OS. Vesa-Matti’s professional interests include Linux, Qt, and mobile devices. During his spare time he likes to travel to warm places and eat spicy food.

Yrjö Pylvänäinen, Senior Project Manager, Critical Communications Finland

George Yrjö Pylvänäinen:

  • MSc in electrical engineering, University of Technology, Finland
  • Senior Consultant, partner of the Critical Communications Finlans group, working in public safety and security communications systems focusing in radio networks, user applications, technology and business strategy, business development and radio spectrum policy.
  • He has made his Master of Science thesis in electrical engineering specialising in bioelectronics and industrial economics at the University of Technology in Helsinki and at the University of Technology of Norway in Trondheim.
  • Earlier he has been working 15 years for VIRVE PSS network taking care of technology, frequency policy and business development in Suomen Erillisverkot group.
  • Before VIRVE he has worked for Finnish Maritime Administration renewing the coastal radio to GMDDS system and developing the automatic identification system AIS base station system.

He has been leading the construction of very large vessel traffic service system VTMIS based on radars and video surveillance after Estonia tragedy.