Shortlist 2022

We are delighted to announce the shortlist

Best MC-X device of the year
  • Hytera PDM680
  • RTP-800: the first MCX cab radio terminal for transport
  • Sepura SCU3 LTE Device
Best MC-X solutions of the year
  • Tactilon Agnet 500 MCX solution
  • MCX Interworking with Rohill TetraNode
  • CSP-MCX The Broadband Mission Critical Communication Platform
  • Sepura SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device
Best TETRA device of the year
  • Hytera PTC680
  • Motorola Solutions MXP600 Mission-Critical TETRA Portable Radio
  • Sepura SCG22 Mobile TETRA Radio
Best Use of advanced technology (AI, UAVs, SA etc)
  • Hytera AI-based Noise Cancellation for Two-way Radios
  • Transportable 5G-SA autonomous bubble with dynamic federation capability for Israelian Fire Brigade
  • Private 5G for search and rescue operation
Best Use of Critical Communications in Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Aqura Industrial Wireless
  • National Wireless Mining Solution with Sepura SCG22 Mobile Radios and AutoMate application
  • Network planning automation for Smart mining
  • Boliden Kevista connected digital mine
  • Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express TETRA system, TETRA BTS and TETRA Radios, Commscope repeaters. Designed and managed by Motorola Solutions Germany and Motorola Solutions Austria GmbH
Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety
  • Critical communications innovative usage during Dubai World Expo
  • Modernisation of the Ciudad Juárez Immediate Response Centre
  • Public Safety Network, Critical Communications Enhancement Program
  • RESCAN, reliability and maximum coordination in the fight against the volcano
  • Motorola Solutions ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA Two-Way Pager for Bavarian Emergency and Rescue Services
  • Motorola Solutions Airwave TETRA system supplied and managed by Airwave Solutions Ltd, United Kingdom for the G7 Summit, Cornwall, UK
  • LTE Mission Critical coverage for international interforce Shooting Polygon
Best Use of Critical Communications in Transport
  • UK Airport Operations Control Centre
  • Sri Lanka Railway Radio Telecommunications Project
  • Kazakhstan Railway Runs Safely and Efficiently with TETRA Communications System
  • Airports Integrations and Control - Zurich Airport Brazil
  • Motorola Solutions ST7000 Small TETRA Radio used by Nippon Airport Radio Services Co. (NAR) the Public operator providing Mission Critical communications at the airports of Narita, Kansai, Naha and Chubu in Japan
Best Use of Critical Communications in Utilities
  • Wien Energie Mission Critical Service Transition to Broadband
  • Edesur, Towards new Telemetry Paradigm for Electricity Market thanks to TETRA
Champion for equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • NSW Telco Authority
  • ATOS
  • Motorola Solutions Inc.
Control Room innovation
  • UK Airport Operations Control Centre
  • Brokering of multiform mission critical communications via the 3020 LifeX platform
  • Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue (BFRS) – Replacement mobilising system - Command Central Control System (CRS) Cloud control system and Emergency Services Network (ESN) Connect for Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) with Motorola Solutions Inc.
Emerging technology, product or solutions (in development but not being used yet)
  • Handsfree R5 MCX Fixed Vehicle Device
  • Mission-critical 5G deployable network solution, Ericsson and Verizon
  • Hytera PNC560 World’s 1st 5G MCPTT Device
  • Vuzix Shield
  • Multinetwork Gateway: Inter-network technology gateway between TETRA, VHF and LTE
  • Mission Critical Comms with Broadband & Mobile Edge Computing
Government Authority Collaboration  
  • Securing interoperability of the three disaster networks and cooperation among government departments
  • PSBN Innovation Alliance (PIA)
Outstanding Contribution to Critical Communications
  • Alan Seery
  • Diana Ball
  • Jim Bugel
  • PSBN Innovation Alliance
Advances in sustainability and TCCA Young Engineer of the Year
  • The winner for these categories will be announced on the night