CCW 2019 presentations

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Stream 2: Potential

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The ETSI Mission Critical Services (MCX) Plugtests (TM) Programme Adrian Scrase, ETSI
& Harald Ludwig, TCCA
Mission-critical broadband: a deep dive into the S-MVNO model Alexander van Overveld,
The future of the Internet of Life Saving Things: Turning operational concepts into reality Jason Karp,
The Public Safety Network
Korea public safety mobile broadband project update Young Sam Hong & Dong Chan Kim,
Safe-Net Forum
Cooperation between state bodies to solve future need for critical communications in Norway Johan Foldoy, NKOM
& Tor Helge Lyngstol, DSB
Disruption: new ways of working for critical users Ged Robinson,
Goodmill Systems
Focus on AI Technologies Paul Steinberg,
Motorola Solutions
Focus on AI Technologies Francesco Calabro,
Focus on AI Technologies Zoltan Wirth,
Enable reliable mission critical communications with LTE and 5G devices Lars Nielsen,
Global Certification Forum
Australasian developments in critical communications Kevin Graham,
Australasian Critical Communications Forum

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

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Tetra Today and Tomorrow

Introduction Jolly Wong,
Shangahi University
General overview of TETRA and broadband TCCA Roadmap summary Francesco Pasquali,
Deploying a TETRA system with 100% coverage Jochen Bosch,
DAMM Cellular Systems
How to plan and implement a reliable and secure TETRA network Bert Bouwers,
Why TETRA is so essential for transport communications Paul Ward,
The strength of TEDS in mission-critical communication Jochen Bosch, DAMM Cellular Systems
& Michael Piciorgros, Funk-Electronic Piciorgros
TETRA - convergence for innovation, safety and efficiency Peter Hudson,
How TETRA can work together with the latest technologies Eric Davalo,
TETRA: today and tomorrow Sau Ping Lam & Steen Petersen,
Motorola Solutions

Critical broadband Masterclass

Use cases: broadband critical communication extending to public safety, transport, energy, mining, oil and gas etc Aldo Trezzi & Angelo Benvenuto,
Spectrum: update on critical communications spectral landscape: deployment status, forthcoming WRC-19, refarming of spectrum from other services Bharat Bhushan Bhatia, Motorola
& Noel Kirkaldy, Nokia
IHS view on chipsets ecosystem Ken Rehbehn,
IHS Markit
What are the technological considerations for critical broadband networks? Ahmed Laslah,
What are the technological considerations for the devices? Jarno Majava,
MCX architecture and interfaces (and interoperability) Shanthi Ravindran,
Motorola Solutions
Update on 3GPP SA6 public safety feature standardisation Suresh Chitturi,
3GPP SA6 Chair
PS prioritisation on commercial networks Marc Balliet,
Implementing priority over MNO networks: a practitioner's perspective Alex Stefan, Telstra
& Bidar Homsey, Ericsson
5G technology for public safety

Philippe Agard,
What are the different business models to roll out mission critical broadband networks Ali Helenius,
Application procurement roadmap to broadband Peter Hudson,

Insights into Malaysian and APAC critical communications

Malaysia case studies: the importance of value added local SI & mission critical PMR in the transportation industry Yap Chee Haur,
Comintel System Technology
Malaysia case studies: MC LMR - ports, security and other industrial and enterprise sectors Andrew Lee,
SLW Supreme Landmobile and Wireless Corporation
Future direction of mission critical communication in Malaysia Hazlan Abdul Hakim,
How private LTE deployments are complimenting TETRA in the Australian mining resource sector Doug Bowden,
Sepura & ACCF

Security solutions for critical broadband

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The global flavour of critical broadband

Setting the scene

Tero Pesonen,
Australian PSMB update

Tero Pesonen,
FirstNet: the United States Public Safety Network Jeanette Kennedy,
Innovation for critical communications Emmanuelle Villebrun,
French Ministry of Interior
Obstacles for MCX broadband and how to overcome them Heikki Riippa,
Erillisverkot Oy
The China flavours of critical broadband Jolly Wong,
Shanghai University
Critical broadband obstacles Ken Rehbehn,
IHS Markit

MC community at 3GPP

Georg Mayer,

Pushing the boundaries of innovation across transport, utilities and industry

SCADA over TETRA Michael Piciorgros,
Funk-Electronic Piciorgros
TETRA: Increasing efficiency and staff safety in utility plants Phil Woodley,
Migrating to fully redundant TETRA communication system for Manila MRT-3 Arnie Beticon,
Microdata Systems and Management
How a large airport benefits from the hybrid network model Wei Rong,
Extending your network beyond voice. How oil & gas, mining and utilities user can enhance their TETRA networks Oka Putra,
Motorola Solutions

Mission critical applications: how do I get one?

Welcome and introduction Harald Ludwig & Hannu Aronsson,
MC creation: requirements gathering Eduardo Zarate, MCOP
& Harald Ludwig, TCCA
What are mission critical apps? Hannu Aronsson,
Apps ecosystem and the big picture Richard Martin,
Application ecosystem and SmarTWISP program Rahim Zaknoun,
Mission critical open platform (MCOP) Fidel Liberal,