Stream 2: Potential

6/19/2019 3:05:41 PM 09:00 - 17:30

The ETSI Mission Critical Services (MCX) Plugtests (TM) Programme Adrian Scrase, ETSI
& Harald Ludwig, TCCA
Mission-critical broadband: a deep dive into the S-MVNO model Alexander van Overveld,
The future of the Internet of Life Saving Things: Turning operational concepts into reality Jason Karp,
The Public Safety Network
Korea public safety mobile broadband project update Young Sam Hong & Dong Chan Kim,
Safe-Net Forum
Cooperation between state bodies to solve future need for critical communications in Norway Johan Foldoy, NKOM
& Tor Helge Lyngstol, DSB
Disruption: new ways of working for critical users Ged Robinson,
Goodmill Systems
Focus on AI Technologies Paul Steinberg,
Motorola Solutions
Focus on AI Technologies Francesco Calabro,
Focus on AI Technologies Zoltan Wirth,
Enable reliable mission critical communications with LTE and 5G devices Lars Nielsen,
Global Certification Forum
Australasian developments in critical communications Kevin Graham,
Australasian Critical Communications Forum