Experience with new services in Nødnett, the nationwide TETRA network in Norway

6/19/2019 9:00:00 AM 10:25 - 10:55

New service in operations: experience using Norwegian terminals in the Swedish network (ISI) during wild fires

As you may know, Norway and Sweden were the first two countries to connect their TETRA networks through the ISI gateway. During heavy wild fires in Sweden this summer, people from the Norwegian firefighters, the Red Cross and the Civil Defence supported their Swedish colleagues. They brought their own Norwegian radio terminals into the Swedish network. What worked well? What should be improved?

New service under development: Integrating Nødnett talk groups in Push-to-talk applications on commercial network

We have just started to develop a new service called Nødnett Connect. This service will give users access to TETRA talk groups through broadband (3G/4G/WLAN-networks) and is therefore a hybrid service. Many questions will have to be answered before we can introduce this as a live service. Therefore we are working closely with the provider and pilot customers. By March we will have some more answers than today. The goal is to have a live service by the end of 2019.