Australasian developments in critical communications

6/20/2019 9:00:00 AM 14:55 - 15:15

1) Past, present and future demands from business/enterprise, to industrial and government in ANZ, including:

  • Rich history in ANZ of LMR and Telco based local and global R&D, manufacturing and shared GRN’s and shared PAMR networks
  • Open standards based adoption LMR, private LTE and future MC standards
  • Business & regulatory landscape including radio spectrum
  • Broadband adoption/ progress of Telcos to MC 3GPP and service offerings
  • Government PSMB programme status
  • Important role played by local MC and radio advocacy and industry association groups over past 40+ years – history/charters/ importance and linkages to global fraternity from analogue to digital LMR and MC broadband
  • Importance of developing academic programmes in supplying local industry with skilled 4G/5G including MC features

2) Highlight the important progress and role strong local industry associations and membership support by stakeholders have played in the region- leading example for other regions in APAC where similar advocacy is possibly less organised and warranted given the evolution /migration.