Speakers 2018

Dr Barbara Held, Head of Directorate Operations, Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS)

Barbara Held is currently Head of Directorate operations at the German Federal Agency for Public Safety Digital Radio (BDBOS) which is responsible for running the digital network and the tactical coordination with the users. She has joined the BDBOS in August 2012 as Head of Directorate General Affairs. Following her academic career in Communication Science at Freie Universität Berlin, Barbara Held was hired in 2000 by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) to work for the Federal Coordination Board for the ICT in the German Government (KBST). Among her tasks was the promotion of Open Standards as well as the management of several eGovernment projects. From 2004 to 2008 Barbara Held was seconded as National Expert to the European Commission (DG Entreprise and DG Informatics) covering various topics in the area of cross-border data exchange. Back in Berlin she became member of the unit “Police Information Matters” in the BMI,serving as head of the German delegation in the relevant EU-Council working groups (Schengen and DAPIX). In 2012 Barbara Held attended a six month course in “International Security Policy” at the German Federal Academy for Security Studies (Berlin). She holds a PhD in Communication Science and is board member and director of the TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA).

Tero Pesonen, Board Member and Director, Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)

Tero Pesonen has been involved in various management and leadership tasks in global positions involving strong customer intimacy, strategic business orientation and wide-ranging solution development. He has been involved with the Professional Mobile Radio communication business since 1997 and in particular with promoting and organising TETRA Interoperability activities. Over the years he has acquired and developed a deep understanding of the models to use public safety applications. Most recently, Tero Pesonen has been involved in ground breaking work related to new opportunities in mission critical broadband. Tero works closely with major public safety and critical infrastructure operators and users in creating advanced solutions to meet mission critical requirements. Since September 2014 he is the chairman of the TCCA Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG) where he is strongly involved in bringing different stakeholders together to create a common critical broadband future. He is also a TCCA Board Member. Tero Pesonen holds Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Economics.

Nick Smye, Principal Consultant, Mason Advisory

Nick Smye is a Principal Consultant with Mason Advisory. Nick has over 35 years’ experience in the communications industry. He previously worked in the electricity industry for nearly 10 years, where he gained valuable first-hand experience in the design, development and planning of mobile and fixed radio communications services. Nick now focuses on public sector, delivering major projects for clients including major emergency service organisations, and government departments. He is currently chair of the SCADA, Telemetry and Smart Grid Working Group.

Zoltan Wirth, Vice President and Head of Networks, Airbus Defence and Space, Secure Communications

Zoltan Wirth is Vice President and Head of Hybrid Networks at Airbus Defence and Space, Secure Communications. During the last 20 years, he held a number of international corporate and business unit leadership positions in the areas of telecommunication, security solutions and public sector related IT solutions and services. Prior to his current role, he had various global assignments within Airbus and Siemens AG, such as Head of Region Middle East and APAC, Head of Global Operations at Airbus Secure Land Communications, Head of Global Sales Civil and National Security at Siemens, Global Practice Leader Public Administration, Healthcare and Mobility within Siemens IT Solutions and Services, global Business Segment Leader Security Solutions of Siemens Building Technologies headquartered in Zug Switzerland. He is specialized in the fields of IT driven hybrid and security solutions, business transformation strategies and collaborative knowledge management. Zoltan Wirth studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical Universities of Karlsruhe, Vienna and Budapest. He currently lives with his family in Munich, Germany.

Terry Costa, VP Marketing and Business Development, Expway

Terry Costa is VP Marketing and Business Development at Expway, the Broadcast-Multicast expert and leader. Expway delivers content (talk, video, data) efficiently and cost effectively to the end-user devices, whether mobile or set-top boxes, with consistent high-quality-of-experience. Expway allows security agencies to make MC-PTT a reality and enables mobile carriers, device manufacturers, and content delivery networks to monetize the mobile video-streaming explosion. Terry is based on California. He brings Expway a wealth of marketing and business development experience, gathered through many years of growing start-ups from the unknown early stages to leaders in their market. Terry started his career at Hewlett Packard, and is a Carnegie Mellon University alumnus, where he received both his engineering degree and MBA.

Hannu Aronsson, Chair, TCCA Applications Working Group & Head of Applications Technology, Portalify Ltd

Hannu Aronsson is the chair of the TCCA Applications working group, and Head of Applications Technology at Portalify Ltd, part of Sepura and Hytera. Hannu Aronsson has extensive experience in mission critical data applications, from standardization to planning, designing, developing and deploying mission critical operational apps up to nationwide solutions.

Simo Ruoko, Managing Director, Roger-GPS Ltd

Simo Ruoko is Managing Director of Roger-GPS Ltd. www.gps-repeating.com and Maktub Consulting Ltd. Roger-GPS Ltd. is the leading European GNSS repeater manufacturer, production in Finland and distribution in 65+ countries. Simo started as Roger-GPS managing director August 2011 and bought the company with Elina Avela (Beaconsim) Aug 2012. Maktub Consulting (from 2007) is focusing on developing SME companies strategy and go-to-market activities in exports. Simo is working with several mission critical market solution providers to open exports business outside Finland. Before starting as entrepreneur Simo has worked in business line management, business development, sales and product line management in various companies including Intel, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation), Nokia Networks (IN and TETRA business) and Emerson Network Power. Simo together with Elina Avela and Tero Pesonen are the three musketeers organizing the CCF http://criticalcommunicationsfinland.fi/ activities for critical communication conferences.

Robert Novak, Director, Business Development Mobile Networks

Robert Novak has started his career in telecommunications in the year 2000, when he joined Vipnet Croatia, part of Telekom Austria group. He also worked for Huawei Technologies and cooperated with most of the major telecom vendors. He was involved in different aspects of cellular backhauling, transmission networks, international backbones, VSAT networks, private LTE networks and mission critical networks. Currently he is in charge of Business development for mobile networks within ND SatCom. In the past 12 years he presented in numerous shows, conferences and events around the globe, his articles were published in magazines in English and Chinese.

Faisal Nazir, Senior Solutions Architect, Motorola Solutions

Faisal has 20 years' experience in high technology and public safety. He has worked for Motorola Solutions, Booz Allen (Strategy&), Redhat, and worked in a number of sectors including Public Safety, Telecommunications, Finance, Media, Enterprise. Faisal has experience of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Video Analytics, Safe Cities and Quantum Computing, and a Masters in Physics (Quantum Mechanics) - Imperial College.

Jeppe Jepsen, Director of International Business Relations, Motorola Solutions

Jeppe’s host organisation is Motorola Solutions and since joining Motorola in 1979 he has been involved in System Engineering, International Business, Marketing and Sales. His international experience ranges from the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America. He has been based in Chicago, Copenhagen and now Brussels. Jeppe has held several positions in the TETRA and Critical Communication Association right from the beginning in 1995 – he is a Director in Association and member of the Board and he acts as the TCCA Director of Broadband Spectrum. Jeppe is also the elected Chairman of PSC-Europe’s Spectrum group. His specialty is Public Safety; an area where he has spent the last 39 years of his career. Jeppe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Martin Whitcroft, Business Development Manager for Private Broadband Solutions, Motorola Solutions

Martin Whitcroft is the Business Development Manager for Private Broadband Solutions at Motorola Solutions, representing the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region. Martin is a Chartered Engineer with 27 years experience in many wire line and wireless communications technologies with specific focus on Public Safety LTE over the last 7 years. He is based in the United Kingdom and has had extensive business travel across Europe, Middle East and Africa where he has been instrumental in winning and delivering key Private Broadband Solutions.

Harald Ludwig, Technical Forum Chairman, TCCA

Harald Ludwig is the founder and managing director of Arico Technologies, a company offering consultancy, training and project management services for the professional mobile radio industry. He has expertise in the fields of system and application design, test and integration, tender specifications writing and bid evaluation, general and technical training, intellectual property rights and licensing, critical communications and mission-critical public safety communications, broadband technologies, international standardisation and interoperability testing. He has more than 20 years of experience in the professional mobile radio industry, e.g. in development and testing of safety-critical communication systems, integration of command and control systems and end-to-end design of nationwide public safety systems. Harald was appointed chairman of the TCCA Technical Forum in 2006. The Technical Forum is responsible for the interoperability of TETRA equipment, including infrastructures, radio terminals and applications. He is now looking into interoperability aspects of Mission-Critical LTE.

Tony Gray, Chief Executive, TCCA

Tony Gray has worked in the mobile communications industry throughout most of his career of over 40 years to date. During this time, he has held senior engineering, management, and consulting posts throughout Europe, the Middle East and around the world. He has worked as a consultant on a wide variety of public safety and other critical communications-related projects globally, and in June 2017, was appointed as CEO of TCCA, the global representative body for all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communication services in mission critical or business critical environments. Previously Tony was engaged as Regional Business Director with P3 Group, a highly regarded global communications engineering and consulting services provider. Preior to his appointment as CEO, Tony served as a board member and director of TCCA, and was founding chairman of TCCA's Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG). TCCA is a 3GPP Market Representation Partner (MRP) and is working with standards bodies including 3GPP and ETSO as well as other stakeholder groups worldwide to drive the development and adoption of common, global, mobile broadband technology standards and solutions for public safety and other critical communications users. TCCA is also engaged with global regulators to find appropriate, and as far as possible harmonsied, spectrum in which future critical communications broadband networks can operate.

Mladen Vratonjić, Chairman of the Board, TCCA

Mladen Vratonjić has more than three decades’ experience in telecommunications, including ten in public safety. He was responsible for all telecommunication systems for the Serbian police and fire brigades including the emergency call centres and Serbia’s public safety TETRA network. He is an expert of Geneva DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces), former chair of the Western Balkans Telecommunications Committee for improvement of cross-border cooperation, and is vice-chair at EENA (European Emergency Number Association).