Stand number: N40

When it comes to mission-critical networks, the clue is in the name – reliability and response times are everything, and constant uptime is the bare minimum required. But that’s not enough. There is an increasing need to harness the kind of technology that will vastly improve responses for users in the field, from live video feed of hard-to-reach places to ongoing analysis of situations that are constantly changing.  

As a trusted partner and network expert, Ericsson enables future-proof, highly secure, reliable and resilient cellular connectivity to government and public safety agencies, as well as utilities and rail transport industries. We deliver 4G and 5G mission critical communication solutions that support voice, video communication, data, and services. These solutions will ultimately replace the current narrowband mobile radio networks, adding the flexibility needed to quickly address and resolve public safety challenges.

We can help you with everything from planning for this change to implementing and future-proofing your requirements. Imagine networks with the strength to protect people and ensure critical public services are robust. With Ericsson mission critical communications solutions, it’s possible.