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Guangzhou Victel Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, has consistently focused on mission-critical communication for 26 years. Victel is a high-tech manufacture of DMR/PDT/ad-hoc radios and systems, providing resilient PMR solutions for fire and emergency, public security, armed police, civil defense and other government industries and civil fields such as subways, oilfields, nuclear power plants, airports, etc.

Victel is dedicated to the technical innovation in UHF/VHF narrowband communications. Victel had developed and promoted innovative MPT1327 dynamic frequency management technology and wireless substations without wired links since the analog communication era. Based on rich R&D experience in DMR/PDT systems, Victel is one of the initiators of PDT Association and possesses mature DMR/PDT simulcast systems characterized by decentralized network architecture. Since 2008, Victel has been investing in the R&D of the ad-hoc systems, aiming to launch a base station system that requires no wired links, equipment rooms, or mains power supply. The base stations establish linkages autonomously and wirelessly, creating a decentralized, multi-hop and self-organizing ad-hoc network. This technology was ultimately perfected in 2023. Compared to DMR/PDT systems, it offers stronger coverage and resilience, yet at a lower cost and with a simpler network architecture.

Nowadays, Victel offers a complete range of DMR/PDT/ad-hoc base stations, radios, accessories and passive components as well as ad-hoc mobile base station&radios for emergency&rescue. Additionally, we boasts an professional and experienced team dedicated to providing highly customizable products, effective and resilient PMR solutions and 24/7 after-sale services to global users. We remains committed to continuous effort and strives to become the world’s most valuable solution provider of mission-critical communications and look forward to joining hands with friends from all walks of life to make the world safer.

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