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Stand: G21
  • | Command & control
  • | Coverage testing
  • | ICT
  • | Mission critical broadband devices
  • | TETRA Infrastructure Products
  • | TETRA radios

Explore Innovation with NASCO! For 30 years, we have pioneered ICT, management, and cybersecurity solutions in Saudi Arabia. Leveraging cutting-edge OEM technology and robust communication systems, NASCO excels in wireless digital radio, high-speed fiber optics, and advanced physical security. Embracing Vision 2030, we stand at the forefront of national transformation, offering seamless integration and unparalleled technical support. Trust NASCO, the leading system integrator, to guide you through the evolving technological landscape. Choose innovation, choose NASCO.

Spearheading KSA's ICT landscape for three decades, National Advanced Systems Company Ltd. (NASCO) stands as the leading solutions provider and system integrator in the kingdom. Our success story is defined by leveraging cutting-edge OEM technology, fortified communication systems, and state-of-the-art security solutions. NASCO pioneers innovative ICT, management, and cybersecurity services. Our diverse expertise encompasses wireless digital radio systems, high-speed fiber optics, and comprehensive physical security solutions, featuring advanced CCTVs and access controls. In addition, NASCO is at the forefront of power automation and delivers advanced power quality solutions.

Inspired by the promise of the Saudi government’s national transformation program, Vision 2030, and backed by a history of dependability and a culture of innovation, NASCO has earned the unwavering trust of both government and enterprise clientele. We offer seamless system integration and unparalleled technical support. As you embrace the evolving technological landscape, choose NASCO as your trusted gateway to groundbreaking solutions.


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