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Stand: E10
  • | Coverage testing
  • | Data & Intelligence
  • | Location-based solutions / Applications
  • | Mission critical broadband network
  • | Network services - Broadband

Nowadays it has become crucial that first responders and mission critical service providers communicate smoothly in the hardest situations. In a situation in which police enters a crowded accident site, ensuring connectivity using pre-emption and sending a video of the accident over 5G would help the rescue team currently on its way, to prepare for the work in a timely manner. This is an example when a 5G network, its latency and speed are the key to the success of this operation. Understanding how these connectivity services work from a customers’ point of view and empowering its customers with tools to give direct feedback via dedicated app is of paramount importance for the critical communication providers.


Netradar developed solution automatically collects data from geolocated users, and it provides radio network engineers specific locations where network coverage or capacity is a problem. Netradar pinpoints exact capacity problems up to 1000 times more efficiently and faster than legacy solutions. Furthermore, customers of critical communication network operators can raise network improvement tickets directly from the app.

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  • Netradar Analytics equips Critical Communication Providers with intelligent analytics for overseeing connectivity. With comprehensive insights, corporates can effectively monitor and manage SLA of RAN ...
  • Netradar Experience provides insights how my users perceive connectivity services. This empowers Critical Communication Providers timely interventions before network issues impact a large user base, e ...
  • Netradar Care streamlines Critical Communication Provider customer care operations. It allows for real-time ticket tracking, visualizing network performance, and initiating rapid issue resolution, ult ...
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