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Stand: K41
  • | DMR applications
  • | In-building coverage
  • | P25 applications
  • | TETRA applications

PBE Axell provide a range of communication solutions for first responders & emergency services that deliver a seamless & reliable experience with high-bandwidth wireless connectivity supporting mission-critical operations.


When an emergency presents itself, a reliable communications infrastructure at the scene is crucial to first responders & emergency services for them to be able to assess and understand the situation and then coordinate their operation. Mission-critical communications provide everyone involved in the emergency response with the ability to keep their teams informed & connected, enabling them to conduct their response effectively and as safely as possible. Without the technology to do so, lives could be at risk. 

PBE Axell is a global provider of mission-critical communication solutions that are imperative to the task & safety of emergency services personnel and first responders as well as venue staff at the emergency location. We place the utmost importance on ensuring first responders' communication experience is seamless, reliable, and has a positive impact on their mission, regardless of the situation or environment they may find themselves in.


Wider Coverage

Ensure full network coverage throughout your premises, including wide open areas, hard-to-reach zones, signal blind spots and confined space environments.

Increased Control

Govern where, when & how much coverage is available to which personnel as well as how bandwidth and resources are prioritised in emergency situations.

Higher Capacity

Support more devices connected to your network(s) simultaneously, allowing emergency services to connect regardless of other personnel already connected.

Improved Performance

Ensure high-speeds, low latency & continuous connection to support full multimedia operations for first responders and emergency service crews.

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