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BelFone Communications- Solution Provider of Mission and Business Critical Communications

BelFone Communications- Solution Provider of Mission and Business Critical Communications

Founded in 1989, BelFone, a state-level high-tech enterprise, is a leading technology and solution provider of mission and business-critical communications, serving professional radio communications for clientele all over the globe.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we are dedicated to bringing the best out of the evolvement of different communications technologies and empowering our customers with integrated radio solutions such as broadband Trunking, narrowband Trunking, PoC Trunking, emergency response communication systems as well as command and dispatching systems.


Research Strength

BelFone emphasizes a lot on innovation and has been investing over 10% of its annual revenue in R& D. At present, BelFone has 5 R&D centers in China, and its R&D personnel account for about 30% of the total staff number. BelFone is the proud owner of nearly 100 intellectual property patents. BelFone has been actively pioneering the development of PMR technologies through relentless R&D efforts and has now mastered the mainstream open standard technologies, such as DME, PoC, LTE, 5G, and traditional analog communications. BelFone’s comprehensive product portfolio includes narrowband, broadband, convergent, mesh, as well as command and dispatch systems, which effectively help users realize the integration of communication and management.

Our products and solutions provide enhanced efficiency, safety, stability, and connectivity, helping users to get communication coverage, flexible networking, rapid deployment, visual command, and Trunking features, benefiting a wide spectrum of sectors such as public safety, utilities, emergency response, energy, transportation, enterprises, and businesses.


Lean Production

BelFone Communications owns a modern factory covering an area of over 23,000 square meters, with automated manufacturing workshops that comply with international standards. Introducing implemented management mechanisms such as the ISO 9001 quality system, GB/T 28001-2011 occupational health and safety, and IS014001:2015 environmental management system. BelFone has instilled the concept of "precision design, lean manufacturing, meticulous management, and attentive service" into its management system for lean production. Supported by automation, it enables systematic production processes, procedural operations, and informatization management. And then establish a production management system with distinctive BelFone characteristics, significantly improving yield, production efficiency, and product quality.


Quality Control

BelFone has invested a lot in introducing advanced testing equipment to form a strict quality control system ranging from design, material purchase, and manufacturing process to delivery. Each product out of the warehouse needs to go through strict environmental testing, performance testing, and reliability testing including 30000+ pressing test, -20℃—+60℃ temperature endurance, salt spray test, vibration test, drop endurance, aging test, etc. And guarantee the quality of products of stability and reliability.

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