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BelFone DMR Trunking Solution Catering to More Efficient Communication

BelFone DMR Trunking Solution Catering to More Efficient Communication

BelFone DMR Trunking system is an enhanced communication system based on DMR standard. Incorporating the latest DMR Trunking technologies, it integrates voice communication, data transmission, and trunked dispatch to manage different communication modes more intelligently and bring exceptional digital experience.


The system unites excellent performance, and is compatible with diversified digital/analog systems of different communication modes to help users upgrade and expand with ease. Characterized by integrated access, interconnectivity, and multilevel networking, this system brings full interconnectivity across modes/systems/departments/carriers for improved management efficiency and enriched management measures.


DMR Trunking

Adopting the advancing digital voice coding and channel coding technology, BelFone DMR Trunking system can effectively suppress noise and interferences to deliver clear audio.

BelFone DMR Trunking system is a highly compatible communication system that can support both one-site communication system and covering large area. The system supports multiple deployment modes that enable it to quickly access the existing dispatching platforms and realize flexible networking, resource sharing, task-sharing, and channel equipment sharing. It is a highly secured communication system that features quick response and delivers efficient dispatching as well as high-quality audio and data.


Enhanced Voice Encryption

From advanced digital technology to variety encryption technologies such as: authentication, encrypted air-interface and end-to-end encryption, BelFone DMR Trunking system delivers an effective security guarantee.


Better network extensibility

BelFone DMR Trunking system adopts a text-based SIP protocol that could guarantee separation of call control and bearer function and perform soft switch. Therefore, enable DMR core network to interconnect with other communication networks and provide convenience for add-value service development.


Regional Networking

The application of regional networking had saves a lot of infrastructure investment, reduces maintenance costs, decreases complex program, and ensures network to runs credibly.


Higher Spectrum Efficiency

With TDMA two time-slot to divide 12.5kHz wideband carrier into two time-slots which enables a single carrier to support 2 lines call(≈two 6.25kHz channels)and then double the communication efficiency.


Rich Dispatching Functions

The system can effectively combine short messages, status messages, packed data and other data services with voice dispatching to provide rich dispatching functions.


Other services include call forwarding, local recording, whole-network recording, remote base station update, etc. Enable PSTN/PABX gateway to access the system through SIP protocol to interconnect different systems.

Dispatching services: pre-emptive call, monitoring, stun/revive/kill, environmental interception, dynamic group, GPS polling, subscribe location data, etc.

Data services: short/long message, status message, emergency alarm, communication encryption, etc.

Voice services: individual call, group call, all call, broadcast call, emergency Call, full duplex call, etc.


Diversity Network Management Capability

Network management platform is designed with a C/S architecture to guarantee networking capability and extensibility;

Network management platform enable configuration of device management, user management, system parameters, alarm management, security management, air interface programming, as well as software upgrading;

Network management platform can manage system network elements in a centralized manner, with user-friendly interface and comprehensive functions to support remote upgrading and smooth expansion;

Network management platform supports a s standard SNMP for remote NMS and maintenance to facilitate remote management and maintenance.


The system fully considers user needs and, starting from actual customer applications, has built a comprehensive communication system that is feature-rich, convenient, reliable, highly scalable, and secure, catering to communication requirements across various scenarios.

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