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Consort Digital launches Mobile Device Management Solution for private networks

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Consort Digital launches Mobile Device Management Solution for private networks

Consort Digital is extending its MCX ONE Application portfolio by launching a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. MCX ONE MDM solution represents a significant milestone in empowering organizations with comprehensive control over their mobile devices and data security for private networks.

The launch of Consort Digital’s MDM solution underscores the company’s commitment to providing industry-leading technologies that address the evolving needs of modern enterprises. Leveraging advanced features and robust security protocols, Consort Digital’s MDM solution offers a seamless and secure management experience for mobile devices across diverse industries. The software doesn’t use any cloud services and can run on customer premises, even without an Internet connection (LAN or VPN) making it exceptionally well-suited for mission-critical private networks.

The MDM solution from Consort Digital offers a range of powerful features designed to streamline device management and enhance operational efficiency. Key highlights of the solution include:

  • Standalone for private networks
  • Kiosk mode application
  • Remote software upgrade/ update
  • Device status monitoring
  • Remote management and control
  • Device log management

The MDM solution developed by Consort Digital empowers organizations to optimize device performance and enhance overall productivity aligning with our mission to provide comprehensive critical communication solutions.

About MCX ONE Solution

MCX ONE Mission Critical Solution is a 3GPP-based Open standard mission-critical communication platform. It supports Push to Voice, Data, and Video over public/ private broadband networks (LTE 4G/5G, Wi-Fi). The solution also integrates narrowband technologies such as TETRA, DMR, etc. It also enables various multimedia features essential for the modern communication requirements of professional organizations.

About Consort Digital

Consort Digital is involved in the design, research and development, and deployment of solutions based on OPEN standards such as TETRA, DMR, and MCX over LTE 4G and 5G. Consort Digital provides solutions for market segments such as mass transit, transportation, public safety, and industries among others.

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