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21 Feb 2024

Creanord and Lounea Team Up on Telecom AI

Creanord Stand: E10
Creanord and Lounea Team Up on Telecom AI
Creanord and Lounea Team Up on Telecom AI

Users of communication services today have very high expectations on the quality of the connectivity and the user experience of using the data communication services. Research shows that users are likely to abandon a video stream if it takes more than two seconds to start playing the video. Moreover, video is the major part of the traffic on today’s networks and congestion drastically affects the quality of real-time services like voice communication and video conferencing. Being able to identify and predict in advance which parts of the network are likely to become congested allows the communication service provider to fix capacity or other issues before they affect the users. Moreover, it enables the operator to focus investments to parts of the networks where it matters the most.

“Using AI and ML to look into the future enables the operator to move from a reactive mode to a proactive mode in order to react before an anomaly starts to affect the end users’ experience of the network. The network experience is the single most important factor why users select a specific operator or choose to leave their current provider. Around 40% of users use the quality of the network as their selection criteria. Providing an excellent user experience should be on top of the mind of every operator,” says Claus Still, CEO at Creanord.

The research will utilize data collected by the Creanord PULSure solution from Lounea’s production network. PULSure collects end-to-end quality KPIs such as latency, jitter and packet loss and the AI/ML algorithms will be trained on the data to predict congestions automatically in the network. Both unsupervised and supervised methods will be evaluated during the research. 

“Lounea is known for its high-quality network and has been repeatedly recognized for Finland’s fastest fixed network speeds and low latencies by performance test sites. We continuously strive to improve our network and we are strongly looking into how to utilize AI and ML in our daily operations to always offer an excellent unparalleled user experience. I am looking forward to seeing the first results of this research,“ says Riku Päärni, CTO at Lounea.

Predictive analytics is the first goal of the research, but both Creanord and Lounea see huge potential to further extend the research to other types of use cases such as network optimization and predictive maintenance.


About Creanord: Creanord is a specialist in network performance and quality assurance with more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for mobile operators, managed service and wholesale providers as well as critical communication providers. Creanord’s PULSure solution enables accurate tracking of network and application performance. Creanord’s technology has been implemented in over 30 countries and more than 60 networks globally.


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About Lounea: Lounea is a Finnish fiber optic operator, building straightforward digital everyday life with over 130 years of experience. We are one of the largest nationwide providers of fiber optic connections to consumers and businesses in Finland, as well as a significant expert in ICT and printing solutions. The financially stable Lounea consists of two business areas: fiber optics and ICT solutions. Our mission is to enable our customers to have straightforward everyday life both at home and at work. This means clear, reliable, and easier-to-purchase telecommunications connections and business services. We are approachable and knowledgeable; your inquiries will be answered by our professional team from Lounea. Things work smoothly with us.


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