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20 Feb 2024

Teltronic renews its graphic identity

Teltronic Stand: H20
Teltronic renews its graphic identity
The company, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024, accompanies its evolution towards broadband technologies by modernising its logo

Teltronic celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024 and, to mark this important celebration, the company has decided to renew its graphic identity with the revision of its logo, updating its design, typography and colours to more modern ones.

Teltronic has accumulated half a century designing, manufacturing and installing communications systems for sectors such as public safety, emergency services or mass passenger transport, and now, at a time when the critical communications industry is experiencing an important moment with the introduction of broadband, the company continues to evolve at the pace set by this technological revolution.

“Since our foundation we have been a benchmark in R&D, our products have always been at the technological forefront, we have been preparing and working for years to offer the most cutting-edge solutions on 4G and 5G technology… and we wanted all this to be reflected in our logo; the aim is to show what Teltronic is today: a company with the most complete and technologically advanced portfolio in the sector, and an experienced team with the capacity to respond to the communication needs of its customers”, explains the company’s Marketing Director, Marta Fontecha.

In this way, Teltronic accompanies its new technological strategy with a new, more modern graphic identity that is faithful to its history, and which aims to maintain the degree of awareness it already has in the market. As a result, the brand’s classic triangles are integrated into a single triangle, the logo’s typography has become clearer, more stylised and legible and, although blue remains the corporate colour, it has evolved into more contemporary tones.

The previous logo was designed in the mid-1990s at the start of a new era linked to the development of digital radio technology. Now, this new 50th anniversary design connects the company with broadband deployment in the critical communications sectors.

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