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BP750—Enhanced for Efficient Connection


BP750 is a new enhanced two-way radio with rich functions and full application scenarios. It supports different versions(Conventional/System /Smart Virtual Trunking /Ad hoc)can be switched into different systems to meet different communication needs.

BP750 enables multiple networking modes to match communication needs of different circumstances. Provide more efficient and flexible connecting choices.


Ad hoc Networking

BP750 used multi-hop network technology to turn each Ad hoc radio into a communication signal source and form a strong communication network. It is a powerful two-way radio with characteristics of frequency-saving, easy to use, easy to carry, rapid deployment, etc. Furthermore, it greatly expanded communication ranges and covered signals in some edge regions.


Superheterodyne Circuit

BF-930PLUS uses the new superheterodyne circuit design to improve RF performance, enhance reception sensitivity, and further extend communication range. Guarantee stable reception in cross-zone switching. Ensure timely and efficient communication across a wider range.


Stealth Mode

The stealth mode could meet different communication demands during wartime. It can be switched into the vibration mode when the bell and light reminder are inconvenient. Moreover, the programming button can also be used in sending quick messages.

Single Frequency Repeater

BP750 supports SFR in conventional DMR mode. It can be used as a portable repeater to build a single frequency repeater quickly and expand the terminal communication range.


Advanced Encryption

BP750 uses ARC4& AES256 encryption, and dynamic key encryption to secure communication privacy and optimize information safety.


IP68 Protection

IP68-certified BF-TD930 PLUS is a tough radio designed to brave the challenges of harsh environments. So, environmental factors are one less thing to worry about.


Multiple alarm modes

BP750 supports 5 different alarm modes, and 3 kinds of emergency alarms (lone worker/mandown/emergency alarm), helping to locate people in emergencies and improve rescue efficiency.

Multi Versions & Functions

Provide multiple system versions to suit different communication systems: Conventional /Trunking /SFR /Ad hoc /BelFone Smart Virtual Trunking/BelFone Dispatching System.

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