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The RSP-Z2™ provides an incredibly versatile, feature-rich, and affordable analog/VoIP gateway solution. Patch audio from local radio and IP-based resources such as JPS RoIP or JPS Bridge streams, SIP devices, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) applications, and more.

Choose to deploy the RSP-Z2 as a standalone gateway to capably manage up to four audio nets, send audio to third-party IP recorders, monitor local audio, create backup files to save or reuse settings, and more. Or choose to quickly integrate it as a distributed system managed by a Z-Series Controller to scale up wide area communications – all made simple thanks to its built-in Unity feature set and JPS Talkpaths.

In the tradition of the ACU-1000 and ACU-2000, but with the flexibility of a smaller, more adaptable form factor, the RSP-Z2 embodies all the customer-friendly features and benefits you’ve come to expect from JPS. Plus, like all radio-interfacing JPS products, the RSP-Z2 incorporates the JPS suite of radio interface algorithms and the ability to use JPS’ large catalog of radio interface cables.

The NXU-2B™ expands upon JPS’ industry standard RoIP gateway to provide the most efficient means available to transport communications across any private IP network. Compared to its NXU® predecessors, the NXU-2B contains modern components as well as a set of features that support simple remote setup and troubleshooting of communications systems.

The NXU-2B connects communications equipment across an IP network using JPS RoIP technology. It is intended for use with radios or other four-wire devices and JPS products such as ACU® interoperability gateways. The NXU-2B supports multiple vocoders, offering superior audio quality with a minimal use of network bandwidth.

MCC™​ Consoles are versatile desktop microphones that enhance JPS communications gateways by leveraging existing IP infrastructure for purposeful integration of remote microphone with LMR, SIP, PoC, and other device type audio.

Built-in protocols make it easy to connect MCC PTT channels to JPS Z-Series devices such as the ACU-Z1, the RSP-Z2, or the Z-Series Controller across an IP network, with no additional gateways or servers required.

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