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  • Qualcomm QCM6490 chipset insided

  • Dedicated 450MHz modem chipset(B31, 72, 87)

  • Front-faced loud speaker(3Watt)

  • DMR III DMO (Optional)
  • Preloaded with Mission-Critical Applications(MCX, GIS, MDM)

LM75 Mission Critical 5G and 450MHz device is designed with first responders in mind.

It has a rugged, easy-to-operate design with loud and clear audio system as well as end-to-end secure mobile platform.

LM75 is designed for mission critical industry such as Public safety, Railway, Defense and Utility communications.


Ergonomic form factor

The LM75 is designed with intuitive controls that allow user to keep the eyes on the situation.

  • A large and intuitive Push-To-Talk button and dedicated Emergency button.
  • A programmable hard key offer shortcut access to desired and frequently used features.
  • User driven and tested, light-weight design bring comfort in day-to-day operations.


Outperforms in Harsh environment

The device manufacturer is forced to select the one factor between Durability and Slim form factor.

Cybertel doesn’t compromise any of them and LM75 offers the ruggedness but still slim form factor.

  • Built to Industry Standard: MIL-STD-810G for Drop and Shock
  • Waterproof from the Inside Out: IP-68 Rated


Outstanding Audio Quality

The LM75 is fully optimized to use in harsh environment.

Loud and clear sound(108dB) with front-faced dual speaker and canceling background noise.

ANC(Active Noise Cancelation) technology offers suppressing feedback caused from other devices when in close proximity of each other.

The Qualcomm Fluence algorithm detects speaking party position and offers consistent voice quality with noise reduction as well.


Secure Mission-critical operation

The device fully supports broadband network such as 5G and particularly 450 MHz Frequency.

A critical communication user can utilize DMO mode in case primary network is temporary not available.

In order to support full day operation, LM75 supports field swappable battery.

Even the backup battery keeps on-going session while user swaps the battery.

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