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Frequentis AG Stand: M31

Imagine a scenario where emergency services transcend borders, where responders collaborate effortlessly across domains. Think firefighters from Austria and Italy sharing real-time data during a forest fire or control room operators, on both sides, coordinate the effort with enhanced situational awareness.

In the control room, operators orchestrate responses to various incidents: from burning buildings to wildfires and earthquakes to floods. However, the ability and use of future MCX broadband capabilities to bridge the gap, not only between domains (police, firefighters, ambulance) but also between local and international first responders, were missing. Until now!

End-to-end applications landscape: Leveraging the 3GPP-standardized MCX, MissionX is not just about voice communication; it’s about secure multimedia exchange. Be it a firefighter sending real-time video from a burning building or a police officer sharing critical data during an arrest, MissionX ensures seamless and prioritized exchange of information for all end user points during mission critical operations.

Open ecosystem: Our mission is to enable clients to create an ecosystem of applications and backend services by exchanging and integrating components, moving away from silos of legacy critical communication solutions. This adaptable ecosystem will evolve over time, by continually adjusting to operational changes and learning from new capabilities.

Holistic approach: MissionX streamlines communication, minimize risks, and empowers users across mission critical operations, from first responders to the control room, with essential tools for success.

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