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29 Apr 2024

Multi band GPS / GNSS repeater

Roger-GPS Stand: E10
  • Multi band GPS / GNSS repeater
  • Multi band GPS / GNSS repeater
Multi band GPS / GNSS repeater Multi band GPS / GNSS repeater

GPS’s L5 signal was developed for aviation safety. It’s the most advanced civilian signal available from GPS for its higher power and lower frequency. GNSS-L-BAND-12 can be used in aircraft hangars for testing aircraft positioning receiver equipments.
GALILEO Public Regulated Service (PRS), exclusively for authorized users. One is centered at E1 and the other at E6. E6 transmits correction data for high-accuracy services, typically to provide precise point positioning (PPP). E6 also provides a higher data rate, making it ideal for applications that require global, high-accuracy positioning. The PRS, which is protected against interference, jamming and spoofing, aims to provide secure and reliable position and timing information
to public authorities and operators critical for the security of supply. GNSS-L-BAND-12 can be used indoors to provide signals where E1 and E6 signals are in use.
GALILEO’s E5 signal is split into E5a and E5b. They can be used independently or together for higher accuracy. GNSS-L-BAND-12 can be used for testing E5 enabled devices.

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