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13 May 2024

PULSensor 1000 Advanced Probe

Creanord Stand: E10

The PULSensor 1000 is a cost-efficient and compact high-capacity performance testing probe part of the Creanord PULSure™ network and service performance and user experience monitoring solution. With PULSure communication service providers get visibility into their network, reduce the time to repair in case of outages and proactively identify and fix network quality issues and bottlenecks before they affect the end users. The PULSure solution is compatible with all major network element vendors and thus provides full multi-vendor visibility and control across the entire network.

PULSensor 1000 focuses on providing a comprehensive set of measurement types for the entire service life-cycle including service activation testing, active monitoring and user experience testing in a compact format without compromising on functionality and accuracy. With a broad set of Service Activation Tests, the service provider can properly verify the service performance in the service turn-up phase at multiple service levels. Once the service is activated the PULSensor 1000 can start t o continuously measuring the network and service performance, typically based on TWAMP or Creanord’s advanced Net Precision, which provides constant and accurate visibility to the network and services.

Furthermore, with the same PULSensor 1000 probe the service provider can go beyond network and service performance monitoring and test and verify user experience and application performance as well for a variety of services including VoIP, video, web, cloud and IP infrastructure.

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