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Secapp in Nokia's MX Industrial Edge

Secapp Stand: E10

Secapp will be one of the applications for Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge, expanding their portfolio as a critical communications, alerting and documentation platform that enhances the safety of everyday and emergency operations in various sectors. Secapp will be available on the Nokia Industrial Applications Catalog.

In many industrial environments, worker safety is a priority to reduce risks and accidents. Secapp significantly improves organizations’ worker safety and preparedness reducing risks, manual errors and downtime when something unexpected happens. Secapp also introduces features for alerting individuals and teams, collecting critical data, providing secure chats and videos, and enhancing lone worker safety.

Secapp will be deployed on Nokia MXIE, benefitting from the platform’s low latency, powerful compute, high resilience and security features, as well as the services enabled by private wireless connectivity. Secapp provides customers full control over their data, and guarantees a high level of data security, aligning with the general data protection regulation (for instance GDPR).

Nokia MX Industrial Edge embeds Secapp in its future-ready solution, enabling a methodical pathway to Industry 4.0 implementation. 

Secapp’s CEO Kari Aho is very happy with the partnership with Nokia.

– We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nokia, one of the global leaders in industrial digitalization. This collaboration opens significant opportunities for both parties to deliver comprehensive solutions that are crucial in today’s fast-paced, safety-conscious industrial environments.

Being an integral part of our mission to contribute to a safer world, we see this partnership as a significant milestone. The demand for enhanced safety and security is higher than ever, and by partnering up with key players like Nokia, we can effectively address these needs where they are most pressing. We look forward to the positive impact our joint efforts will have.

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