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SeeHawk™ Monitor

PCTEL Inc Stand: I30

With SeeHawk Monitor, one system provides multiple automated applications that make it easier to ensure reliable critical communications on public safety, private, and commercial wireless networks. 

Interference Monitoring

  • Monitor RF spectrum for noise and interference
  • Remotely monitor multiple frequency bands at multiple radio sites
  • Rapidly detect and characterize service impacting noise and interference
  • Investigate problems with spectrum analysis in real-time or event replay modes

Uplink Coverage Testing

  • Test uplink radio coverage with a single technician
  • Enhances the PCTEL® Public Safety Network Testing Solution
  • Grid-based coverage testing for local code compliance
  • Indoor/outdoor walk testing and drive testing

Uplink Commissioning Testing

  • Commission FCC-compliant Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES)
  • Prevent or mitigate interference between in-building systems and the outdoor network
  • Measure P25 uplink signal strength and quality
  • Monitor the noise floor in real time

4G/5G Network Monitoring

  • Monitor spectrum for 4G/5G coverage and service quality
  • Rapidly identify service-impacting issues
  • Detect rogue base stations
  • Manage multi-tenant or cross-border spectrum

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