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Smart PoC Mobile Radio TM-7Plus

  • Smart PoC Mobile Radio TM-7Plus
  • Smart PoC Mobile Radio TM-7Plus
Smart PoC Mobile Radio TM-7Plus Smart PoC Mobile Radio TM-7Plus

TM-7Plus the cutting-edge Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) mobile radio makes communications among drivers, warehouse staff, and truck dispatchers much easier. Combined with dispatch platforms like iConvNet, it is changing the game of fleet management.


Feature Highlights:

• Android 11 Open Ecosystem: Empowering flexibility with third-party app installations

• Google Mobile Services (GMS): Bringing a comprehensive suite of services for an enriched user experience.

• 2GB+16GB Memory: Boosting performance and speed for seamless operations.

• Front-Facing Customized Interface: Upgrades and maintenance are made more convenient than ever.

• 5W Speaker: Crystal-clear, robust sound for effective communication in any environment.

• ACC Ignition Line Connection: Syncs with vehicle power for simultaneous ignition control and power management.

• 40V Surge Protection: Ensuring compatibility with various vehicle models for enhanced safety.

• 3-pin Aviation Head Interface: A secure and reliable connection for consistent power supply.


Android 11 Ecosystem, Supported by GMS

TM-7Plus is driven by Android 11 Ecosystem, which provides users with a more comprehensive service experience. Empowered by Google Mobile Service (GMS), the radio can support Google Apps and third-party apps for a truly efficient and productive smartphone experience.


5W Speakers Ensures Clear and Bright Sound

5W Speakers guarantee that you won’t miss any crucial information. With its optimized dust-proof capability, TM-7Plus ensures outstanding audio quality even in extreme conditions.


3pin Aviation Power Connector and Acc Wire

TM-7Plus is equipped with a reinforced 3pin aviation power connector, which is more solid and reliable to ensure a continuous and stable power supply. The mobile radio can sync with the vehicle ignition, making the operation more convenient.


40V Anti-Overvoltage Protection, Compatible with Various Vehicles

TM-7Plus offers up to 40V anti-overvoltage protection, making it applicable to various vehicles ranging from 12V, 24V, to 36V, dramatically enhancing safety in use.

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