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RSP-Z2 Dual Channel Gateway: Custom Mode Configuration

JPS Interoperability Solutions Inc. Stand: N31

In this webcast we will focus on the latest RSP-Z2 software version (v.4) that brings new features and capabilities to an already highly accomplished Communications Gateway In this episode we will focus on the new Custom Mode Configuration, which gives the RSP-Z2 Dual Channel Gateway even more capabilities and available resources as a standalone gateway. The new mode also sets the stage for simpler provisioning into a more dynamic and resource abundant wide-area solution where dozens of gateways can collaborate and share communications over a network We will also briefly talk about two new RSP-Z2 capabilities, like Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex modes and TX & RX Enable and Disable settings We’ll have more JPS Product Briefing Webcasts in the next coming weeks to introduce the new capabilities of all “Z” class products like the Z-Series Controller, ACU-Z1, MCC Consoles, and more.

0:00 Intro
1:44 Legacy Configurations
3:22 Custom Configuration
4:25 Monitor NETS
5:50 RTP Voice Logging Stream
6:10 Rename NETS
7:05 Radio Resource Settings
7:50 Full Duplex / Half Duplex
8:34 Allow TX / Allow RX
9:18 TX Timeout / TX Timeout
9:35 Closer

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