Protect, Enhance, Envision, Advance:
Exploring the potential of new technology developments whilst preserving and improving the best of today 

The call for conference content for CCW 2021 has now closed - thank you to everyone who submitted. We are currently reviewing all the submissions and we will notify authors in due course about whether they have been accepted for the programme.

The theme for 2021 will focus on how the sector can protect or enhance the standards and technologies that are working well today, whilst looking forward to innovations and technological developments which will help in evolution and advancement.

For the first time, we will be holding CCW 2021 as a hybrid event, with both physical and virtual conference sessions being streamed online to thousands of people worldwide. All selected presenters will be able to present either online or in-person.

The 2021 conference will focus on the following topics:
An age of transition
  • Maintaining the status quo: the benefits of retaining and enhancing narrowband networks
  • Sustainable transition: what are the challenges in keeping TETRA and other narrowband networks up and running whilst moving towards mission critical broadband networks?
  • 5G: Should we wait or not? Will it be a complement or a replacement?
Protecting the quality
  • How to ensure that critical broadband services are at least as good as TETRA
  • Does engagement with commercial mass market MNOs have to mean sacrificing mission critical quality or service levels?
  • Who is responsible for end-to end network integrity?
  • Broadband network security: Are critical users more demanding than those in other sectors?
  • Security issues in high volume IoT
  • TETRA security is assured and proven but how do we protect critical broadband users?
  • Quantum computing and secure communications: do we need a completely new approach?
Testing, certification and standards
  • The importance of testing to ensure seamless interoperability
  • Certification: a trusted process or an unnecessary complication?
  • Maintaining the standards: What goes on behind the scenes to ensure that 'stuff just works'?
Are commercial operators ready to take on the responsibility?
  • National critical broadband projects: status and timelines
  • Contract strategies for mission critical broadband in commercial networks
  • What regulatory or legislation changes are necessary?
  • How can commercial 4G/5G networks be hardened to become robust and secure enough?
The critical communications ecosystem
  • Apps and devices: who is doing what? Where, when and how to grow an ecosystem?
  • Working together: how to ensure the best use of resources to service a niche market
  • Smart sustainable cities: moving from proof of concept to reality
User needs and expectations: a non-technical reality check
  • Is there a gap between how critical users actually work and what emerging technologies can offer?
  • Are organisations ready to make use of the new features and facilities?
  • New possibilities with mission critical broadband: what services are most important for mission critical organisations?
  • Data distraction: With the deluge of data delivered by broadband networks and the IoT, how do we differentiate the vital from the valueless?
The control room sector
  • How will control room services interface to a broadband network environment?
  • Robotics in critical services: reality or fiction?
  • Where is AI being utilised and what are the success stories?
  • Security, legal and regulatory concerns in a future AI world