2/18/2019 9:00:00 AM 09:00 - 12:30

A dynamic conference session to get updates directly from the industry experts. The session will cover 2 main areas:

  • review of current outstanding TETRA technology capabilities which make it still the worldwide technology of choice for mission critical voice and data communications across several market sectors (transports, utilities, extractions and mining etc… as well as public security & safety)

  • how TETRA is being evolved in order to be future-proofed in a rapidly changing technological environment through integration with broadband technologies and how it can meet new emerging challenges such as, cyber risk and new emerging business models (eg. TETRA as a cloud service according to the PaaS paradigm).
This session is designed for those with a basic knowledge of TETRA technology, who wish to improve their understanding of the specific benefits this technology can bring to their daily operations across various market sectors.

At the same time the masterclass is also aimed at attendees who are looking to enhance their knowledge about the future, medium and long term challenges of TETRA technology in terms of broadband evolution and, in particular, integration with 4G/5G technologies as well as cyber security aspects and adoption of new technological models such as cloud computing.

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