B: Broadband (BIG) - part 2

2/18/2019 9:00:00 AM 14:00 - 17:30

There is increasing interest globally in the need to provide additional broadband based solutions in all critical communications markets, be they for public safety, transport, energy, mining, oil and gas etc.

This year’s Broadband Industry Group’s Masterclass will provide an update on the developments in the standardisation of 3GPP but also in the various groups like ITU-R as well as the regional groups.

There will be a focus on the broadband solutions and device ecosystems based on 3GPP Standards in the various critical communications sectors and the areas that we need to continue to support. This will include a focused presentation on mission communication  (MC X ie MCPTT, MC Data, MC Video) architectures.

The evolution to 5G and associated use cases will be addressed.

We will also look at the spectrum that has been used for critical communications deployments and additional spectrum bands that are being able for migration from other services.  We will look at the upcoming WRC-19 that has several critical communications related agenda items.

Finally, we will look at some use cases and hear from Operators that have already deployed critical communications services as well as ones that are preparing and their requests to BIG.

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