Airbus collaborates on Spanish tram TETRA


The Spanish city of Murcia is updating its public transport communications with a TETRA network provided by Airbus.

The city’s tram network – known as the Tranvia de Murcia – will use a system based on Airbus TETRA Claricor technology. Installation will be carried out in collaboration with industrial engineering company, COMSA.

Speaking of the solution, a spokesperson for Airbus said: “The Tranvia de Murcia network provides secure voice and data communications. It also allows communication between the central control post and on-board equipment, through the use of short data service messaging.”

The latter will also facilitate tram servicing information, timetable information, and “possible in-vehicle alarm triggering.”

General director of Airbus SLC in Spain, Juan Carlos Hernández, said: "The solidity and reliability of Airbus’ secure communications solutions are a guarantee of coverage and security at the service of citizens."

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