CCW exhibitor advertorial: how Cobham’s EXPLORER is paving the way for next-generation critical communications


For first-responders, mission-critical connectivity must be reliable in all circumstances and locations. For providers looking to upgrade critical communications networks, cost-effective systems, future-proofed for an increasingly digital world, are essential to fulfil these requirements.

Natural disasters are occurring on a basis like never before. And when they occur, the whole population depends on our emergency services and their ability to save lives. However, in many cases their ability to help us depends on robust and resilient communication lines.

We cannot prevent the disasters from happening, but we can prevent them from taking a toll on the critical communication lines we all depend on. It is in this field that Cobham is proud to present EXPLORER solutions.

Mission-critical connectivity must be rapid and reliable in all circumstances and locations, especially for those operating in utilities, public safety and transport. These are sectors where businesses - and in some cases, lives - depend on reliable communications.

Upgrading critical communications networks with cost-effective systems that are future proofed against an increasingly digital world is essential to fulfill these requirements.

For example, high-performing connectivity is often hindered by communication solutions that fail to ‘talk’ to each other. Traditional radio networks must therefore adapt to overcome existing challenges, capitalise on innovation and provide users with reliable voice communication and data transfer wherever they are in the world.

Upgrading critical communications networks across all sectors must happen sooner rather than later, with extreme weather conditions on the rise as a result of climate change. For example, in the utilities sector, power outages are becoming more common and loss of power affects all corners of the society.

From banking, and payment systems to heating/cooling, and more, all depend on this critical infrastructure. Therefore, to avoid downtime and the detrimental consequences for wider society, providers must invest in a system that can keep power networks running when disaster strikes by prompting segmentation, rerouting and reconfiguration.

Investing in an entirely new critical communications network can be costly. However, there is a cost-efficient solution that connects legacy technology with future proof solutions, unlocking a path from what you’ve got to what you need to fulfill the requirements of the surrounding society.

Cobham’s most intelligent Push-to-Talk solution PRISM PTT+, and EXPLORER, can help unlock the next generation of voice and data communications at an affordable price.

PRISM PTT+ overcomes hardware restrictions and enables interoperable capabilities between agencies and systems. It consolidates multiple propriety systems into one seamless, interoperable setup, to bridge the gaps and remedy the weaknesses of old, current and future systems. This helps providers advance the necessary pathway from analog to digital communications, ensuring users can continue using existing equipment but with greater communication and data capabilities.

The use of PRISM PTT + and EXPLORER therefore offers providers a cost-effect and sustainable way to upgrade their critical communications network and expand both coverage and capacity, with minimum hardware restrictions and change to existing infrastructure. The design and configuration of the solutions are also resilient to changing operational requirements, as well as regulatory standards, offering a solution both for now and the future.

At CCW 2021, come and find out how we are supporting the evolution of critical communications with EXPLORER, providing seamlessly interoperable communication solutions that use conventional analogue equipment, legacy infrastructure and new technologies.

Meet the Cobham team and find out more about EXPLORER and PRISM PTT + at Critical Communications World, booth E200.