Connectivity when it’s needed the most. Networks made to deal with mission critical situations.


At CCW 2023, Ericsson will present its latest mission critical communication 4G/5G solutions and innovations through engaging demonstrations. 5G mission-critical collaboration will be a live demonstration showcasing how cross-governmental agency collaboration is improved by using 5G technologies to provide connectivity with predictable performance. The demo uses features such as network exposure, network slicing, and local packet gateway to enable new ways of working for first responders.

As an emerging trend, the public sector will need extended coverage to support public safety operations, as well as maintenance and operations of critical infrastructure in the air, above current macro network coverage. Providing a digital airspace, to fly drones and other airborne devices using 4G and 5G networks is essential. Air-ground-air for mission critical demo confirms Ericsson has achieved customer-satisfying outcomes with a dedicated air-ground-air trial network for the altitude range 1500 to 6000 meters and at a velocity of 200 to 400+ km/hour.
The Security Automation Center, an immersive demo simulating a security operations center, will show Ericsson Security Manager, an intelligent security management solution that improves security posture and lowers monitoring, engineering, and incident management costs.

Manuel Ruiz, Global Head of Mission Critical Networks, Ericsson says: "The mission-critical communications market continues to grow at a fast pace. The countries of most leading economies have deployed or are in the process of deploying mission-critical 4G/5G public safety networks. Additionally, organizations whose responsibility it is to provide critical national infrastructure services, such as utilities and rail, are following suit. They too are embarking on the journey towards mission-critical mobile broadband services, seeking to tap the extensive opportunities that will unfold. Join us in lively and informative conversations, where we can share best practice and envisage the future together.”

Apart from attractive demonstrations and panel discussions, Ericsson experts will be at the visitors' disposal to discuss how to create networks for robust critical public services, smoothly migrate existing applications from narrowband to critical broadband, and harness the potentials of critical communication solutions that can protect people and society.