Globalstar: When comms are mission-critical, put satellites at the heart of your network


In today's complex world, the ability to reliably communicate can often mean the difference between life and death. Emergency services, militaries, and a myriad of other organisations involved in security and/or disaster mitigation all need communications networks they can rely on, whatever the time of day and whatever the weather.

But we know that sometimes when disaster strikes, whether natural or man-made, terrestrial communications networks often prove to be early casualties, and the resultant communications breakdown can have devastating consequences.

In recent years when hurricanes decimated vast areas of the southern United States, for example, landline and cellular telecoms networks were rapidly put out of commission. Thankfully, satellite communications networks were on hand to help emergency services marshal rescue efforts, and mitigate the effects of damaged key infrastructure.

Satellites traversing the globe in space are always on hand and able to provide vital connectivity and communications in regions where GSM mobile signal might not be reliable, and moreover, satellite communications play a critical role is disaster recovery when alternative terrestrial infrastructure has been damaged or is absent.

In parallel, the Internet of Things (IoT) has highlighted the many operational benefits that can be realised through the ability to communicate with assets. Whether that asset is a fire engine, or a ship conveying potentially explosive materials across the sea, thanks to today’s smart satellite IoT sensors, all stakeholders can always be aware of the location of their key assets even when those assets travel through remote or inhospitable locations. Any data stream is only as valuable as its weakest link. Only with satellite communications can users be sure that the information connection with assets is always on, regardless of the location.

When it comes to critical communications, smart organisations put satellite connectivity at the heart of their network infrastructure strategy.

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