Key BroadWay project agreement signed


The project to provide broadband mobile communications to first responders across Europe - known as BroadWay - has reached a key milestone, with the signing of pre-commercial procurement framework agreements.

The signing, which took place in October in Brussels, involved four consortia led by companies including Airbus, Frequentis, Leonardo and Rohill. These consortia are in turn made up of 34 companies from 11 EU member states, including SMEs, independent test organisations, as well as mobile network and satellite operators.
The BroadWay team itself consists of procurers, also from 11 European countries, which convened in 2018 to provide 'borderless' broadband comms for public safety. The lead procurer is Belgian operator ASTRID. 
Describing the project, a spokesperson said: “The BroadWay team stimulates competition for research and innovation to provide technology readiness solutions, [able] to be tested by responders.

"The BroadWay group of procurers will continue to evaluate the progress of alternative approaches proposed by the four supplier consortia, throughout three critical phases. These include design, prototype and pilot.”

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