Public safety alerting provider completes fourth European national deployment


Everbridge has rolled-out its emergency population alerting system across the whole of Iceland. Other European countries which have already deployed the solution on a nationwide scale include Greece, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The technology enables users to receive location-based SMS notifications if they happen to find themselves “within an area where a sudden critical event has occurred.” As described by Everbridge, it “leverages existing telecom infrastructure, with no end-user registration or opt-in required.”

The system also alerts Icelandic citizens who are out of the country.

Discussing the technology, deputy CEO at 112 Iceland Tómas Gíslasen said: “This system allows us to turn-around information very quickly. This can be of great importance to anyone within a disaster area, or who needs support to find a relative.

“Also, knowing how many people there are in the area can help us understand the gravity of the situation and better prepare for the next steps in our rescue efforts.”

Chief executive officer at Everbridge, David Meredith, said: “We are honoured to support an increasing number of countries around the world with their national warning systems.”

Iceland possesses a population of just over 360,000, and receives approximately two million visitors annually.


Philip Mason
Editor, Critical Communications Portfolio
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