Sepura receives public safety approval in Germany and the UK


Sepura's SCG22 mobile radio has been approved for use on both Airwave and BDBOS.

Discussing the technology, a spokesperson for Sepura said: “We have developed the SCG22 to meet the needs of demanding users, looking for a tough and powerful TETRA mobile.

“It can be deployed in cars, trucks, trains, boats, on motorcycles or in control rooms, as part of solutions that support operations, with intelligent automated features. The device is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled, with the latter supporting the use of over-the-air programming.”

Sepura's head of products (devices), Phil Woodley, said: "The SCG22 is designed to support critical communications users in their everyday tasks. Having the same user interface and functionality as the hand portable models reduces training needs and risk of user error.”

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