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Fredrik Ryberg

Fredrik Ryberg

Inspector, Head of RG2, Division for Innovation in Policing and Law Enforcement, Swedish National Police

Fredrik is a police inspector and the national project manager for Rakel G2 at the Swedish Police Authority. Rakel G2 is the next generation communication system that will replace the Tetra system, called Rakel, that is used today.

He has been a police officer for 16 years. He is appointed by Swedish government to represent Sweden at the Mission Critical Communication Group (MCCG) at EU. He is also a member of other international and national forums regarding critical communications.

Fredrik is still operative in the field as a Police officer. It is important to maintain the contact with the operational colleagues and also to understand their needs in the next generation communication system. When Fredrik is working operative, he is a group commander in special police tactic working with crowd control and other tasks.

Fredrik is an instructor in special police tactics and operational / tactical leadership.  In 2018 Fredrik was in Ukraine and trained the Ukrainian police in crowd control. Before becoming the national project manager, he was a special agent working with human trafficking, wanted criminals and illegal residents. Fredrik was before that a patrol officer out on the streets.

Before becoming police, Fredrik worked at the Network Operations Center at a commercial mobile operator in Sweden.


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