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Mladen Vratonjić

Mladen Vratonjić

Board Chair and Director , TCCA

Forty years of experience in telecommunications (more than 15 years also in public safety) including:

•  From 2015 till present: Chairman of the Board and Director of TCCA (, the specialised critical communications association who represents stakeholders from around the world, bringing together all those with an interest in the provision of wireless communications in a mission critical or business critical environment. TCCA believes in and promotes the principle of open and competitive markets worldwide.

• From 2016 till present: Vice president of EENA (European Emergency Number Association, influential European association in the field of emergency response and promotion of the unique European emergency number 112.

• From 2013-2015: Public Safety Specialist at Motorola Solutions

• Former Head of Telecommunications directorate of the Serbian MOI - Responsibility for all telecommunication systems of Serbian police and fire brigades including the emergency call centres.

• Experienced Project leader of large scale projects (including “Public Safety TETRA Network” in Serbia).

• Former Leading expert of Geneva DCAF (Democratic Control of Armed Forces) in the field of Telecommunications for public safety. In this mandate, until 2012, served as Chair of the Western Balkans Telecommunications Committee for improvement of cross-border cooperation.  



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