Please submit your content proposal by Monday 7 February 2022

Evolving the Ecosystem 

Technology developments and user requirements are driving change in mission critical communications around the world. The programme theme for 2022 will focus on how the ecosystem needs to evolve to keep up with the changing requirements of mission critical operations including standardisation, security, infrastructure, network developments and investment needs and opportunities.

Critical Communications World is the leading, must-attend event for mission- and business-critical end users, operators and manufacturers.

This is your chance to be involved in the programme, and shape the conference content. Please submit your content proposals by Monday 7 February 2022, on the below topics. You are of course at liberty to propose your own content titles, provided they fit in with the overall theme. We encourage proposals from end users/operators, and with real-life use cases.

We are particularly encouraging early career / young professionals to join the conference programme. If you would like to share your research and innovations, and exchange ideas with the leading experts in the world, this is your chance!!

The programme will focus on the following topics:
Evolution: new and evolving technologies
  • Looking over the horizon
  • Early stage developments
  • Innovations and new concepts
Global investment / funding opportunities for critical communications
  • Opportunities and objectives for investment
  • Examples or demonstrations of successful projects that have been brought to the marker for mission critical use
  • Advances in cybersecurity
  • Ensuring end to end security in hybrid networks
  • Secure devices
The role of the commercial mobile network operator in driving critical communications forward
  • What role can commercial MNOs play in driving mission critical communications forward?
  • Objectives and use cases from operators in search of MNOs
Evolving user needs
  • What are the prioritised future functional/operational needs in critical vertical markets?
  • Unified communications at the edge
  • Applications and use cases
Innovation and transformation
  • Innovative use of existing technologies
  • User experience with digital transformation
  • Real world deployments of emerging technologies
  • Examples of innovative approaches to delivering critical communications in vertical markets such as transport, mining, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, retail
The legal and regulatory landscape
  • Updates on regulation and legislation, e.g. for Spectrum and Galileo PRS
  • The value chain: best practices on risk sharing
Information centric operations
  • How will new technology change the way of working?
  • How to manage and analyse a convergence of data sources
  • Collision of consumer and critical broadband smartphone use
  • Next generation emergency services, command and control systems, artificial intelligence
  • How do we get from standards to implementation?
  • Current status of products and services
  • Interoperability and certification
  • MCX and IWF