Please submit your content proposal by Monday 14th November 2022

Success in Cooperation 

Technology developments and user requirements are driving change in mission critical communications
around the world.

The programme theme for 2023 will focus on the ever increasing importance of collaborating and sharing knowledge between organisations, sectors, verticals and nations, to keep advancing the field of critical communications.

Critical Communications World is the leading, must-attend event for mission-critical and business-critical end users, operators and manufacturers.

This is your chance to be involved in the programme, and shape the conference content. Please submit your content proposals by Monday 14th November 2022, on the below topics. You are of course at liberty to propose your own content titles, provided they fit in with the overall theme. We encourage proposals from end users/operators, and with real-life use cases.

We are actively encouraging early career / young professionals to join the conference programme. If you would like to share your research and innovations, and exchange ideas with the leading experts in the world, this is your chance!!
The programme will focus on the following topics:
Maintaining the momentum
  • The advance of critical broadband
  • The resurgence of TETRA and other narrowband standards
  • Harnessing the power of hybrid
Managing the transition from narrowband to critical broadband
  • Resetting expectations
  • Clarity of process
  • Roadmap for the transition
  • Spectrum requirements and solutions
  • Interoperability and interworking
Mobile Network Operator perspectives for mutual success
  • Options in delivering critical broadband
  • Ensuring successful outcomes
  • Addressing critical vertical industry use cases and requirements
  • Technology innovations for the network: edge and cloud computing, AI and more
Tactical communications: improving user's operational efficiency, productivity and safety
  • Situational awareness of end users
  • Taking TETRA and narrowband capability into the critical broadband world
  • The evolution of MCX
  • Evolution of command and control centres meeting operational demands: voice, data and GIS
The evolution of mission critical IoT in the 4G and 5G world
  • Video as a sensor
  • Smart cities, safer cities
  • Connected vehicles
  • Remote medical assistance
  • Industry 4.0
Use of Satellites: navigation, communication and much more
  • Resource mapping applications
  • GEO databases
  • GNSS and operational importance of location-based services
  • Direct connection / spectrum use
  • How Low Earth Orbit satellites can benefit critical communications
From data overflow to an information-centric environment: how to make the right decisions in critical moments
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Extended reality
  • Haptics
  • Integrating social media
Application innovation
  • Examples of applications from vertical sectors: transport, utilities, healthcare and others
  • LTE apps for frontline responders and operators: what is available and what is in development?
  • Is the Cloud secure?
  • How to secure critical broadband networks
  • Cybersecurity challenges and solutions
Sustainability and energy management
  • Innovation in energy creation and management
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Reuse, recycle: the circular economy