Sessions 2018

Critical Communications World is the leading and most influential exhibition dedicated to connecting critical communications professionals for three days of thought provoking discussion, debate and networking. Last year, along with the four Lecture Theatres there was the Technology Showcase Theatre and the Control Room Arena, which were specifically designed to showcase innovation with show-stopping demonstrations with forefront technological advances.

DAY 1 - 15th May - Masterclasses

All day Masterclasses

Pushing the boundaries of innovation across transport, utilities and industry


Robin Davis, Actica; Nick Smye, Mason Advisory

BDBOS Tactical Day: how to manage large scale events


Dr Barbara Held, BDBOS

AM and PM Masterclasses

Keys to successful public private partnerships and the implementation of MNO based critical communications


TJ Kennedy; Co-Founder, The Public Safety Network (Former FirstNet President) ; Jason Karp; Co-Founder; The Public Safety Network (Former FirstNet Chief Counsel) ; Tero Pesonen; Chair of CCBG; TCCA ; Tapio Savunen; Director, Strategic Marketing; Airbus Defence and Space ; Antti Kauppinen; Head of Department , Mobile Technology Development and Strategy; Erillisverkot - State Security Networks Group Finland ; Jukka MJ Manner, Professor, PhD; Aalto University, Department of Communications

Innovating TETRA for the future


Malcolm Quelch, Sepura plc

Protecting your critical communications


Trevor Evans, Chairperson, TCCA Security and Fraud Prevention Group

Leading edge critical apps


Hannu Aronsson, Head of Applications Technology, Sepura plc; Tero Pesonen, Chair of CCBG, TCCA

Communication planning, verification and training: a hands on workshop with simulators


To be confirmed

Mission critical mobile broadband


Marc Balliet, Nokia; Philippe Agard, Nokia; Jason Johur, Ericsson

DAY 2 - 16th May

Plenary Session


Government representative from Germany; Janne Koivukoski, Director General for Rescue Services, Ministry of the Interior of Finland Stephen Webb, Director, Law Enforcement Programmes, Home Office ; Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI; Harald Ludwig, Technical Forum Chairman, TCCA

Stream A

Mission critical broadband, a win-win approach for CSPs, public safety agencies and governments


Philippe Agard, Vice President, Public Safety and Defense Markets, Nokia

Towards open MCPTT ecosystems: the MCOP approach


Dr Fidel Liberal, Coordinator of the Mission Critical Open Platform, MCOP

5G Panel: what can 5G bring to critical communications?


R. Ezhirpavai, Acting Vice President Technology, Aricent; Georg Mayer, 3GPP Core Network and Terminals TSG (CT) Chairman ; Nada Golmie, Wireless Networks Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

PPDR MC mobile broadband network services in the 5G era


Bram van den Ende, Project Manager, TNO

Combining critical communications with IoT and big data analytics: new possibilities


Manan Shah, Associate Director, Arup

The use of mobile hybrid TETRA and LTE


Andreas Wack, Lieutenant Colonel and Project Manager, German Armed Forces

How users can overcome challenges of TETRA and LTE interconnection


Nicolas Hauswald, Director of Sales & Marketing activity, ETELM

Stream B

Using IP networks as a secure platform for critical communications


Peter Cox, CEO and Founder, UM Labs

AGURRE and Air France: opportunities for further deployment of a new dedicated LTE network in 2.6 GHz TDD band for airport operations


Florence Erpelding, AGURRE Representative, AGURRE; Christian Régnier, Head of Communication Solution Department, Air France KLM & Secretary, AGURRE

Mega events: hope for the best, prepare for the worst


Jay Nix, Motorola Solutions Senior Project Manager ; Mr.Zhou Xiaobin, Department Chief, Industry and Information Technology Commission of Guangzhou Municipality ; Martin Benke, Vice President MSSSI

EE, preparing for ESN


Matt Hall, Solutions Architect, EE

MCPTT panel: the road ahead


Chaired by Dave Chater-Lea, senior technologist, Motorola Solutions ; David Viamonte, Sales & Marketing Director, Genaker; Harald Ludwig, Technical Forum Chairman, TCCA ; Markku Korkiakoski, Director, Bittium ; Evert Enblom, Service Strategist, Rakel and Management & Control Systems Office

Stream C

A European way for critical infrastructure communication on the example of smart grid


Dr Panagiotis Paschalidis, Senior Consultant, P3 Communications GmbH

Global panel: broadband for PPDR


Ed Parkinson, Director - Government Affairs, FirstNet, USA; Steve Whatson, Deputy Director - ESN, Home Office, United Kingdom; Minna Nyman, Head of Rakel & Command and Control Systems Office, MSB ; Luke Brown, Assistant Secretary, Disaster Resilience Strategy, Department of Home Affairs, Australia ; Changho Ryoo, Chair, Global Outreach Committee, Safe-net Forum, Korea

3GPP advances in critical communications


Erik Guttman, 3GPP Service and System Aspects (SA) Chairman

Generational change: mission critical communications in a heavy haul railway


Chris Reid, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Aurizon

Transforming Transport for London’s surface radio system


Dimitris Kaltakis, Consultant Infrastructure Architect, Transport for London

TETRA in the SCADA systems and challenges in CLP Power


Terrance Lai, Senior Telecommunications Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

DAY 3 - 17th May

Plenary Session


Paving the way for a sustainable ecosystem of critical communications, Francois Rancy, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau ; Modernising the largest TETRA network, Thomas Scholle, Technology Director, BDBOS ; Critical communication in Norway from TETRA to commercial LTE:what is the best way forward?, Tor Helge Lyngstol, Norwegian Directorate of Civil Protection

Stream A

Integration of LTE in mobile tactical radio networks using IEEE standards


Peter Sevenich, Head of Robust Heterogeneous Networks Group, Fraunhofer Institut for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE)

Mission critical broadband via service operator


Timo Lehtimäki, CEO, State Security Networks Group, Finland

Panel discussion: 5G network slicing


Jurgen Rurainsky, Head of the international Standardisation Team, BDBOS; Erik Guttmann, 3GPP Service and System Aspects (SA) Chairman ; Dr Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chief Executive Officer, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH

Evolving critical communications market: open for growth


Eric Davalo, Airbus Defence and Space

Investigation on a realistic speech quality target for digital land mobile radio


Dr Ingo Forkel, Senior Consultant, P3 communications

Stream B

How technology will support tomorrow's first responders


Paul Steinberg, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Motorola Solutions

MNO Panel: the learning curve


Chair: Peter Clemons, Chief Designer, Quixoticity ; Gösta Kallner, Technology Director, Ice Group ; Steve Whatson, Deputy Director, Home Office's ESN Programme

The road to global mission critical broadband testing and certification criteria


Harald Ludwig, Technical Forum Chairman, TCCA; Chris Hogg, Programme Manager, Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd

LTE device in critical communications: ensuring a reliable ecosystem


Markku Korkiakoski, Director, Bittium

Stream C

FirstNet the story: reports from the American public safety broadband network


Ed Parkinson, Director - Government Affairs, FirstNet ; Jeff Bratcher, Chief Technology Officer, FirstNet ; Nada Golmie, Wireless Networks Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ; Shing H. Lin, Chief Technology Officer, Harris County, Texas USA

Panel discussion: PPDR operators hybrid networks


Chair: Tony Gray, CEO, TCCA ; Marc De Buyser, CEO, A.S.T.R.I.D ; Guy Duplaquet, Ministère de l’intérieur ; Herman van Sprakelaar, Projectmanager Vernieuwing C2000

Experiences from the biggest ITCS public transport implementation in Europe: the German Rheinbahn


Reinhard Renja, Project Manager System Planning and System Administration, Rheinbahn AG

The evolution of satellite communication for public safety: the next element in the hybrid strategies


Zoltan Wirth, VP, Head of Hybrid Networks, Secure Communications, Airbus Defence and Space