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Moving forward in the transport sector

Outside the emergency services, it is difficult to find a sector as reliant on critical communications than transportation. The efficient flow of aircraft, trains and ships depends on the coordination of extensive mobile field forces dispersed across broad geographies. With lives and property at stake, the communications requirements are mission-critical and call for robust, high-performance communications systems.
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What to expect for mission-critical IoT

Soon after the U.S. government awarded operation of its FirstNet program to AT&T, attention shifted to internet of things (IoT) innovation that the network could foster. Sometimes referred to as the "Internet of Life-Saving Things," the basic idea is to leverage a mission-critical mobile broadband communications network to boost safety and improve public safety mission effectiveness.
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Q&A on CCW with Mladen Vratonjic, TCCA Chair of the Board

​What’s the current state of play in the critical communications industry? What are the main changes that you’ve noticed within the industry in 2017? Are there any major developments that the wider industry needs to be made aware of? What challenges do you think need to be tackled in today’s climate? What would be your key piece of advice for any organisations looking to invest in critical communications in 2018 and beyond? And why might they want to attend Critical Communications World 2018?
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