Guided Tech Tours

21 – 23 June 2022 | Messe Wien, Austria

New to this year, five guided Tech Tours will take place around the exhibition floor on each day of the show.

Escorted by a member of the event team, the tours will provide the perfect opportunity to watch demonstrations and explore the new and innovative products our exhibitors have on offer this year. You will additionally be able to ask the demonstrators your own questions.
If you are successful in securing a space on the tour, we will confirm by email, along with timings and all the details you need to join the group. A maximum of 2 tours per person can be booked. Please note that spaces in each tour are strictly limited and cannot be guaranteed. 

LTE devices and transition to broadband/5G

Demonstrations from:

1. Airbus: Practical examples of combining narrowband and broadband solutions in a user-friendly way

2. Atos: Brand-new Lifelink Hoox: Secure Android OS device and Computer Vision Platform with MCx Connect

3. Bittium: Bittium Tough Mobile 2 smartphones using Bittium Secure Call application for end-to-end encrypted communication

4. ETELM: Fully integrated hybrid 4G & TETRA solution: 4G linked & 4G RAN for MCC applications

5. Frequentis: Interworking solution for TETRA and MCx end devices

6. Nokia: New connected firefighter demonstration: how firefighters can benefit from mission critical broadband communications

7. Narda STS: 5G uplink interference detection and localisation

8. Sepura: Next generation mobile radio incorporating broadband capability

9. Signet: Signet App encryption software for smartphones

Network/coverage solutions

Demonstrations from:

1. Atos: Multinetwork Gateway: inter-network technology gateway of TETRA, VHF and LTE

2. Beaconsim: Simulator solutions which enable successful migration from narrowband to broadband

3. Creanord: Unintrusive Available Bandwidth Monitoring product

4. Ericsson: Hands-on live demonstration of how 5G can bring value to public safety with remote steering of vehicles and mission critical awareness

5. Huber & Suhner: SENCITY® Special Communication Antenna & Vehicle Antenna Broadband with Magnet Mount

6. Intelsat: FlexMove, the broadband satellite connectivity solution

7. Mentura: COREMOTE Network Vision


Data analytics, AI and advanced technology

Demonstrations from:

1. Airbus: Mission critical IoT solutions

2. DragonForce: Command and control, team collaboration platform

3. Frequentis: Integration of hangar-based UAVs into MCx managed public safety control centres

4. Narda STS: RF sensors/receivers for signal classification and automatic emitter localisation – easy integration for multi sensor fusion by help of Phyton scripting

5. Patria: Security Field C2 mobile command and control solution

6. SSS Public Safety: Public Safety Ecosystem - a platform for secure, hosted services encompassing the control room and device management promoting collaboration, resilience, availability, scalability and flexibility


Demonstrations from:

1. Aldena: ABM: a new Broadband (wideband) Electromagnetic Field Meter (DC-65 GHZ), designed to measure and control the field strengths in compliance with personal health and safety

2. DAC System: Radio frequency IoT monitoring for LMR/TETRA

3. Sunit: In-vehicle computer & patrol assist software

3. Ubiqam: Spectral immunity solutions that enable secure and resilient 4G/LTE, 5G/NR and broadband/TETRA mission critical, defence, IoT and private network communication

4. Valid8: Innovative simulation, load, emulation & conformance test tools for mission critical communications including MCX, P25 and TETRA

5. Zebra Technologies: Asset tracking, mobile computing and critical communications products & software for digital transformation that deliver operational excellence in policing/ emergency services

Narrowband devices and apps
Demonstrations from:

1. Savox: TRICS product family
2. Sepura: TETRA radios, programming tools & intelligent applications
.... and others to be confirmed.....