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Deep-dive sessions

Focus Forums are in-depth, deep-dive sessions providing knowledge sharing and comprehensive updates in each topic area. The focused sessions will comprise multiple presentations, interactive discussions and roundtables, allowing specialists to come together to learn about developments and share their own challenges, experiences and skills.

All Focus Forums are free to attend, register today and apply to join.


Tuesday 14th May

Location: SHARJAH - A

Interworking MCX Broadband with narrowband (TETRA, P25, GSM- R) systems
Led by: Harald Ludwig, Chair, Technical Forum

Speakers: Harald Ludwig, David Deacon, Matt Walsh, Lenard Molhoek, Fabio Providente and Sebastian Larco.

The Interworking (IWF) Focus Forum will look into the standardized connection of Narrowband systems like P25, TETRA or GSM-R with the MCX Broadband Systems. After collection of the user requirements and expectations for the IWF in last year's focus forums, we will this year have a look at the first projects and implementations of the Interworking Function.

  • What are the (real) use cases for the IWF?
  • What is the motivation of implementing a IWF?
  • How is the IWF implemented in different projects?
  • What call types and services can be brought across the IWF?
  • How does the provisioning work for the IWF?
  • What are the key issues and challenges with implementing the IWF?
  • Is a test platform needed for IWF?
  • What can be learned for future projects and RFPs?
  • How should end users be engaged in IWF deployment projects?
  • What are the opportunities with the IWF?


Legal and regulatory aspects related to mission critical networks and services
Led by: Nina Myren, Chair - Legal and Regulatory Working Group (LRWG)


Michael Ruehlemann, Kari Junttila, Lasantha De Alwis, Renaud Mellies and Asif Hamidullah. 

Title: How do you get what you need?

  • The need for a harmonized regulatory framework when implementing Quality, Priority and Preemption (QPP) in commercial networks. How do you get what you need when your PPDR users are sharing resources with commercial users?
  • Security requirements and needs in physical infrastructure. How do you know what you get when your services are based on someone else's infrastructure? What are the best tools: Service level agreements, regulation or both? Presentation of ongoing work on the TCCA whitepaper and invitation to discuss and comment on preliminary findings.
  • MCX services need standardized, interoperable and future proof products. The procurement has to ensure that the products are tested and certified. Which process can you expect, and what can you do if the certification process is not yet available?


Location: SHARJAH - D

Dynamic TETRA: Market-aligned, future defined
Led by: Francesco Pasquali, Chair, TETRA Industry Group

Speakers: Tim Clark, Stuart Will, Adel Zouheiri, Brain Murgatroyd, Phill Woodley, Markus Saynevirta, Robert Hudson, Veronica Pecchioli, Marcin Dyrdol and Hauke Holm.

Resilient connectivity : TETRA’s time-tested superiority and enduring excellence when critical communications matters 

  • Intro: market overview, forecast and updates
  • Growth in Public Safety TETRA
  • TETRA's Rising Influence Across Sectors
  • Navigating the evolution of mission critical networks
  • TETRA security strengthened
  • TETRA: What’s on the horizon?
  • The benefits of using TETRA apps


TETRA Security - going forward
Led by: Trevor Evans, Chair, Security and Fraud prevention, SFPG

Speakers: Mika K Laitinen and Brain Murgatroyd.

TETRA Security - recent developments

•            Threat assessment of TETRA systems and vulnerabilities

•            SFPG Recommendation 16: Secure Implementation of Mission Critical Systems. How to implement and use a 3GPP TS 33.180 compliant Mission Critical system.


Wednesday 15th May

Location: SHARJAH - D

Critical Broadband Roadmaps - standards, technology & implementation challenges
Led by: Jason Johur, Broadband Industry Group (BIG)

Speakers: Jason Johur, Zeineb Makni, Guilherme Pizzato, Sanne Stijve, Sami Honkaniemi, Tim Clark, Peter Hudson, Filippo Gaggioli and Patrik Wikberg.

Discussing the latest developments across a range of TCCA broadband-related initiatives, including topics such as Quality of Service, Priority and Pre-emption (QPP), Massive Mission Critical Video (MMCV), Mission-Critical Broadband Devices and Applications (MBDA), Broadband Cybersecurity as well as an overview of other task force dealing with Mission Critical 4G/5G Roaming, Broadband Callout, 5G Device-to-Device Sidelink and themes driving Mission-Critical 6G 3GPP standardisation.


13:45 – 15:45
Moving to mission critical broadband: Users – what do you need to know?
Led by: Tero Pesonen, Chair, Critical Communications Broadband Group (CCBG)

Speakers: Nina Myren, Fredrik Ryberg, Eddie Reyes and Henning Fjellet

Mission Critical Broadband is on the horizon for many critical communications organisations.  This workshop-style focus forum offers peer-to-peer support and discussion to openly share how user organisations/agencies can identify what needs to be done to launch Mission Critical Broadband services and all the benefits they will provide.


Location: SHARJAH - A

11:30 – 13:00
Testing and Certification of Broadband Devices and MCX Clients
Led by: Harald Ludwig, Chair, Technical Forum

Speakers: Asif Hamidullah, Gregor Tomic, Goce Talaganov, Peter Gundersen and Fidel Liberal.

The Testing and Certification Focus Forum will this year look into what has been achieved so far in terms of testing and certification of mission critical products. What do we have in place and what are the missing pieces until formal certification can be done. It will also give an outlook on the next steps towards a fully tested and certified mission critical eco-system.

  • What are the benefits of testing and certification for the individual stakeholders?
  • What is testing? What is certification? Why do we need it?
  • How do the Global Certification Form (GCF) and TCCA work together?
  • What is the status of the work in the GCF Mission Critical Services workstream?
  • What can be certified now and in the near and far future?

Thursday 16th May

Location: SHARJAH - D

11:30 -13:00
TETRA data and apps: practical ways to get more out of TETRA
Led by: Hannu Aronsson, Chair TCCA Applications Working Group

Speakers: Luke Stanley, Maciej Nowakowski and Marcin Dyrodol.

How to get more out of TETRA with data and apps including:

- introduction to using TETRA data efficiently,

- example apps from many verticals,

- TETRA radio cool data and apps features,

- situational awareness,

- indoor and outdoor location tracking, and

- automation and industrial control

- … and how you can do this on your TETRA network!







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